Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Turtles, turtles, turtles, rah rah rah.

Do you remember that song to the commercial?
Today was a busy day.
Drove Kristy to school. Then went to Myra's to make our yearly chocolate turtles. Sooo Yummy.
Here are the guts of them. Do they still sound yummy, lol.
We put caramel and pecans inside them.
To make the caramel, we boil the can of Eagle Brand Condensed milk. We actually boil the whole can. Put on a big pot of boiling water and place the unopened can in there. Boil for 3 hours. Let the can cool down, open and its like golden sweet heaven.
Just don't let the pot go dry or the cans will explode. Just ask Myra, she has a dent in her ceiling from last year. After our chocolate making I had to take Kristy and Heather to the doctor. Nothing to worry about they are fine.

But our gas prices aren't. Holy crapola. I thought the sign was wrong, or at least I was hoping. But nope this is the price per liter. Then I went out for supper with my sister in/sister in law Darlene. I call her that because she is Wayne's sister and she married my brother. So she is my sister in law twice.

After Supper we went to see Sylvia Brown. Darlene really likes this lady and has read most of her books. I have read a few. I really enjoyed myself. Sylvia is pretty funny. She has a jewelry line that her husband designs. Made in Thailand though, they forgot a tag on one ;) Just as we were walking in to the auditorium they gave out tickets and if your number was called, you could ask her a question. Neither Darlene or I took one. I thought for sure Darlene would have. I told her I have a question, but I don't think I would want to hear the answer. I will do my give away tomorrow. I was planning on doing it today, but just ran out of time. But that just means you have one extra day :)

So what have you done today to make you feel proud.

1. Made over 300 chocolate turtles

2. Took time for me

3. Seriously can't think of any thing else, LOL

Hope your Tuesday was a creative day.



  1. 300 turtles - wow, I am impressed! They look delicious!

  2. really, you can boil the can? OMG that is so simple. I do it the old fashioned way. Now this saves me time. Hot damn! Thanks tracy. Oh yummy. Choc and caramel are my fav. I will trade ya a turtle for a mocha bar?
    Have a good one sweetie.

  3. "Just ask Myra, she has a dent in her ceiling from last year".............OMG!!! That made me Laugh out loud!!! too funny!!! I love turtles!!

  4. Those turtles look so YUMMY!! Lil turtle molds, how sweet. My mom loves turtles (she collects glass ones, etc) and she loves choc. carmel and pecans. Mmmm and I am so hungry right now.

    I read that about the can and immediately, I said you can do that, before you even told us about Myra.

    Sylvia Brown, that would be cool, but I don't know if I would want her to tell ME things I didn't know. LOL

    Gas here is $2.95 a gallon. Boo-hiss! Has not been that high since 2008.


  5. Tracy - I am stunned. I am in shock. You can achieve heavenly caramel by just boiling the can? No way! Seriously. For real? Is it better than the Kraft squares melted in the microwave? That is a rude question I know. Your turtles look so good. And those molds! This must be how people felt when sliced bread was invented. I make peanut brittle and pecan pralines, so I know how exact a science candy making can be. I'm off to look for turtle molds online. You ROCK!

  6. wow that is amazing--300 turtles and they are so cute too!

  7. Tracy,
    I love your lil turtles. What a neat idea about making them, I think I might give it a try (with safety goggles of course)
    I have Sylvia Brown for years on the Montel Willams show, not sure if I would want her to tell me anything though..lol
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Oh, those turtles looks SOOOO yummy!!!!!

  9. I paid $3.41 for gas this morning. Not a happy camper. Can you share your recipe for the turtles? I want one now with my coffee. LOL

  10. lol know about gas price never ending! those turtles look so yummy.

  11. Sounds like a busy day. 300 candies-they look really good!

  12. 300? I thought our 3 sheets of spritz cookies were a lot! I didn't know you could boil the can!

  13. I didn't accomplish much yesterday after helping in my sons class. I left early because I started feeling really weird and light headed so I came home and after dinner laid down for a little while. Hoping today is better :0)

  14. Oh, those turtles look SO DELICIOUS!!!!! I didn't know the trick about boiling the can in the water! Am I brave enough to try that? You know with my luck, I WOULD have the pot run out of water, and I'd be cleaning condensed milk off the walls in my kitchen....and praying the dog didn't get sick from licking whatever hit the floor.

  15. I'm coming to rob you of these turtles!

  16. I'm laughing so hard right now about the dent in the ceiling! Those turtles look so good!

  17. I hate pecans but for one of these I'd deal LOL!! they look so yummy!

  18. Yum. Those turtles look good. Can't beleive you made 300 of them. WOW!

  19. OMG when is my package of turtles arriving in the mail LOL

    as to Sylvia Brown.. honestly I think that woman smokes a carton of cigs a day.. her voice.. talk about gravel!! :-p

    and your petrol prices... reminds me of NZ - it is just as bad (worse actually) there... currently running at $1.93 a litre OUCH!

  20. oh PS!!... want to know a trick about the condensed milk - do it in your crockpot - no explosions... no boiling dry :-D

  21. Yum yum yum! Pass me a turtle, please! :) I've read a few books by Sylvia. They were very interesting. Cool that you got to see her in person.

  22. Hey Tracy,

    You need to give me a little info about your trip to MT in March. Where are you flying into?? Are you renting a vehicle?? Where are you planning to go?? Are you skiing?? We can sometimes get some of our worst storms in March. Are you flying to Calgary and driving down?? Just give me some basics and I can go from there. I can send you some info too if you want. We are in Great Falls, which is 5 hours directly south of Calgary on the interstate.


  23. At first I thought your gas was 121.90 LOL. I figured everyone is walking in Canada these days. Gas is almost $3 but since I'm a Jersey girl I don't have to pump it myself. In fact I've never pumped gas in my whole entire life!

    The turtles look YUMMO!

  24. Thanks for visiting/following my blog! :) Those turtles look yummy!!!
    And gas down here in south Texas is $2.79 a gallon. :(


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