Saturday, December 18, 2010

2010 card video and some chocolate balls.

Just thought you might want to see a video I did of the cards I made this year. Well actually I guess you can call it a slide show, as I enveloped all the cards before I remembered I wanted to do this.
I am so proud of myself, I added music to it. Ya I'm that good, LOL. If you know my computer skills you would be laughing right along with me on this one.

Today was the cookie exchange at my friend Crystal's house. This is the second year she has had one. I made Peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate. Don't you just want to drink this stuff?
How do you like my home made double boiler :) ?
Ya I am messy when I am in the kitchen. Unfortunately no one has banned me from this room yet.

Here are the finished products. They are really good. I should have made them half this size. The family thought they were perfect. But I would have liked them smaller. They were made with my small scoop, so they are about 1" balls.

Here is how I packaged them up this year. A couple of years ago I bought this gift box paper pack kit. I don't have the tag, bags, boxes and more cartridge so I got this. I figured I could use these as templates when the actual boxes are all gone. Yup 12 of these little suckers fit in here.
Here is how I packaged them up last year. I made butterscotch confetti squares, so YUMMY.
These boxes I made from scratch. I got the idea from a fellow You Tuber. I don't' remember who, as I didn't have a YouTube or a blog then, and I didn't know how to save things to my favourites. I've come along way baby, lol.
Aren't they pretty. From scratch I tell ya.So onto my day:

Hubby went to our camp/cottage to plow the roads. He asked (wanted) me to come. But my bed was warm and I knew I had lots to do today, so I stayed home. I made my Peanut butter balls and ran out of chocolate, so had to run out and pick up some. Grrr I hate when that happens. Actually that is all I did today. The day is short when you get to sleep in, but oh so worth it :)

I didn't get my parcel's in the mail today. But I almost got my cards in. I had them with me when I went out. Can you believe I forgot to mail them!

Hope you are all having a good weekend.



  1. oh my do those look sinful! yummy! your bags are just fantastick as usual!

  2. Yum Yum says I, they look so good but I know I can't eat them, boo hoo, have a good weekend x

  3. love your cards. Great idea of showing them in a video.

  4. so when you do that mailing, I will be expecting my package of PB Balls in Choccy then *LOL*

    I got my album finished YAYY (posting about that tomorrow), wrote most of my Christmas cards - had to make some more because I ran out AARRGGH - now just have to do the letter and they are on their way!

  5. I've never made peanut butter balls but my mom always did and they were delicious. I remember her making rum balls one year and when my Uncle ate a bunch he got drunk since they are not cooked, it was sooooo funny. I will start baking on Tuesday :0)

  6. Those chocolate balls looks soo good! and your packaging looks like they belong on the shelves!! Beautiful!

  7. lol so funny because that what I'm plan on making tonite. lol for us to snack on of course lol if i can save a bunch to give away have to hid them from me. they are too good to give away. lol also funny because i also have those gift box pack. lol

  8. OMG YUM!! I think you should send me a couple of those packages :-)

  9. Tracy,
    Wow, ok first off. Peanut butter and chocolate. I am there :)
    What great cards, and wow there is a lot of them.
    I really really like that first card you showed with the tree punch made into the swag, and would love to see a video on how you did this.
    Thanks for the great show, and congrats on adding the music :)

  10. mmmmm Tracy these look so good!!and beautifully wrapped.

  11. Recipes! We need recipes! Your candy looks so good. Yummy! And the packaging looks great! Thanks for sharing. Now, off to check out your video.

  12. Those look like YUM! I wonder if they're the same thing as buckeyes. I don't know why people call them that. It seems like "peanut butter balls" would be sufficient and maybe a little more appetizing than naming them after an eyeball.

  13. they are yummy. tradition around here but we call them Reindeer turds. LOL They are a lot of work though and make my hands hurt so bad rolling them all.

  14. Yummy! I love Christmas treats! First, I make them. Then, I eat them! It's a hard job for one woman, but someone's got to do it. LOL!


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