Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today was a good day. It was a very good day.
Sharon, Heather and I went out shopping. Then we met Ashley for lunch.
Then we went to a local shop called "Twas the Month Before Christmas". I love that store. It is so warm and cozy and smells nice :) She used to only open the month before Christmas, hench the name. But now she is open most of the year. It is a local craft shop. The lady makes most of the crafts her self and she is a beautiful doll maker.
Ok so any way I got a gift card for her store on my 40th birthday...a few years ago, oops. I used it today and she told me that they were moving and changing there name after Christmas. So good thing I used it now.I read on Jan Marie's blog about her grandmother and a nest she found. She said that if you have a birds nest on your Christmas tree its suppose to give you luck for the new year. I loved this. Well it just happened to be that the craft store had one. I know its not a real bird's nest (we do have a real one with actual robyn's eggs in it but it is in a display case) but it will do. Isn't it pretty? It is even sparkly.
I also picked up this beautiful angel. I have had my eye on this for a while. But every time I think of getting it, I think that I can make it. Which I can ;) but I haven't yet, so I picked her up.

I am still not into the Christmas spirit yet. But going into that store sure helped. I think I need to go in there everyday, lol.

I met my girlfriend for hot chocolate tonight. I haven't seen her for awhile, it was good to get together. I'm surprised we didn't get kicked out, we were there for 2 hours. We shared tears, understanding and friendship.

Thankful Thursday:

1. Spending time with my girls
2. The joy of seeing other creative people and their works of art.
3. Listening and talking to a friend in need.
4. Knowing that we all have differences and that we can discuss them, and accept them.

So what are you thankful for today?



  1. spending time with friends is always the best! I will get to spend time with my girlfriend tonight at our monthly crop. I cant wait to get together.

    I love the idea of the birds nest! I may have to find one to put on our tree--thanks

    have fun at your friday night crop!

  2. Love the angel, will you make one and do a tutorial so I can make one too? PLEASE.

  3. The angel is beautiful. Sounds like a great day. Spending time catching up with a friend is the best!

  4. Tracy,
    I love little shops like that, such fun! I have a birds nest in my trees too, but not one as cute as yours! They are supposed to bring good luck.

  5. What cute stuff!

    I love those little shops, too..


  6. where is this store located? maybe ill check it out!

  7. Nice findings! Isn't it good to see friends you haven't in a while? I love that. My Thankful Thursday was spending time with my husband while the kids were at school. It's nice to have that time once in a while.

  8. Love the Birds Nest thing :) I'd never heard that before but now I may need to get a birds nest for our tree!!

    Love the angel!!

  9. I've never heard that about the bird's nest, but now I feel like I need to go get one! Ha! Tonight I am thankful for a warm cozy house with my hubby and my girls!

  10. Your birds nest is very cute. I am glad you got one for luck too. It sounds like you are in the right spirit for the season to me.

  11. Tracy, we have always had a birds nest in our tree. Gma had one and then mom had a gold one and i have it now. It has had the bird replaced at least 3 times since i have had it but it is one of my favorites.
    I love the little angel. Glad you got her finally. It was meant to be.
    Spending time with your kids and dear friends is simply the best of times.
    I hope the Christmas Spirit finds you soon but I know just how you feel. Still kinda feel that way this year. It will get better.
    big hugs,Pea


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