Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Candy Poppers and purses

I did another video.

I make these candy poppers every year. They are so easy to make and you can use up some of your scraps, or wrapping paper. I give these as little extras, for the children that we exchange gifts with. I also give some to the neighbourhood children.

Hubby and I bought the DVD series "Alias". We have never watched it before. We bought the whole series, it was pretty cheap. Plus I love to see women kick men's ass, so this was perfect:) We are now addicted. We try to squeeze a few episodes in every day. But he goes back to work tomorrow, so we will have to wait to watch some more when we gets home, or is off again.

So as we were watching "Alias", I made some more purse gift card holders. You know I can't just watch TV, I have to do something creative as well. It just feels like I am wasting time if I am not multi-tasking. These purses are so cute, I just love them. They can hold 2 gift cards in each purse. Oh see the black polka dot one in the background? That is for my daughter Heather. She does not use a purse and I don't think she ever will. Her favourite colour is black, so I am hoping that this is acceptable for her.
Still fighting this cold. I seems to be winning. I have rested, drank my tea and honey, and am taking it easy. I don't like to take medication, stubborn I know, but that is the way I am. Yes Becky, I am even using the "Think Healthy" method, to try and beat it. It isn't at its worst yet and am hoping I can cut off before that point. Here is my mug tonight for my tea and honey. Hoping this will put me in the Christmas spirit.
Onto my day:

Kristy never gets to go out for lunch as she is at school when I take the other girls out. So she is on Christmas Break, since Monday, and I promised her I would take out for lunch. Just her and I. So we went to Montana's for lunch. On the way there my jeep binged. It was my gas gauge. Hubby was out last and didn't fill it up....Thanks honey :P

Proud Tuesday:

1. I made my gift card holders

2. I made my candy poppers

3. Went out for lunch with my daughter

4. Took a nap when I needed it.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud.

Hope you Monday was a creative one.



  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely tutorial with us Tracey. Gorgeous gift card purses too.

  2. Those purse giftbags are so cute! Great idea. Also your proud Tuesday is great. I stayed home on a cold and rainy day. Even stayed in my jammies all day. So nice!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. i love the candy popper--i might have to use that for next year or at a birthday party for the boys--too cute!

    as usual love the purses--they are just so fun!

    hope your feeling better!

  4. Love the purse gift card holders! Do you have a template you wouldn't mind sharing?

  5. Tracy,
    Such cute poppers and what a great extra to give to the kids. I love it.
    (I also love to see woman kick men's butt)
    Thanks for sharing
    ~~feel better soon~~

  6. I love poppers!!! Yours are super cute and I love your purse gift card holders, too! i'm not fighting a cold, but I AM fighting an inner ear infection and it is driving me CRAZY!!!

  7. Hi tracy,
    I love your purses, they're gorgeous and a great idea too.
    Hope you had a nice lunch with your daughter and your feeling better soon.
    Merry christmas and a happy new year
    Tracy x

  8. You are so awesome talented Tracy! Love all your crafts! :-)

  9. Love the poppers! I think I will get some put together tonight! So easy! I also love your gift card purses...super cute!

    I hope your feeling better...I'm on day six of my cold...ugh! I hate being sick this time of the year, I swear I lost a whole week of December crafting to this bugger! Ugh!

  10. I love Christmas crackers! We have them every year as well. Your gift card purses are so great TFS!

  11. I love your gift card purses! I think I may need to do those next year for all my girlfriends!

  12. that is such a cool and amazing idea .. LOVE IT

  13. glad you got some creative stuff done and had lunch with your daughter!!

    Don't you hate the petrol thing - my husbands fave is swapping cars for a day (mine is bigger) cos he needs it to shift something - every.single.time we do that - his car is DEAD empty - drives me nuts!! *lol*

  14. Great job with the poppers! They are really neat! Might have to do them for New Years! I hope that you get to kick that cold. Nothing worse than being sick on the holidays (except maybe taking care of a sick DH!). Those purses rock too. Have a happy Holiday!

  15. Love your poppers! My girls get a kick out of these, but I've always bought them. Now I can make them. Glad you're trying out my think healthy theory. I'm trying to think you healthy as well ;) even from way down here in Missouri! Don't you just love how you have to keep things equal between the daughters? Cracks me up!

  16. I love your gift card purses. And another cute mug? How many cute mugs do you have? I think that I have one single cute mug and that's it. I'll have to get some more. :)

  17. Cute as can be Tracy. I love quick things like this.
    Okay I gotta clean the studio so I can play.

  18. Oh Tracy, Those poppers are so adorable! I think I will whip some of these up for Valentine's Day! Thanks for the video!


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