Monday, December 6, 2010

Yesterday it was Zombies, today vampires.

Hubby and I watched Underworld and Underworld Revolution tonight as I made some more cards :)
The count is 17 cards done and 13 to go. I think I may need to double check though.

I made 2 of these and one in red. I embossed the background and stamped in the bottom (which I didn't emboss). The middle square (with the snowflake) is raised with foam tape.

I made 3 more of these ones. I really, really love this one. Can you tell, teehee.
I gave Heather the job of doing the laundry today. So I come upstairs to clean laundry, dumped on the floor.
Then I heard giggling. Look closely.
See her hand sticking out. She said, "Mom these are so warm". LOL. She just took them out of the dryer.
We live in Northern Ontario. So we try to find warmth anywhere we can find it, LOL. I like to lay on the heat registers. Maybe I should have kept that one to myself, teehee. So onto my day.

I had an awful sleep last night. Hubby snored, so I had to stab him...I mean get him to roll over.
I had really freaky dreams. So I kept waking up.
So after Kristy went to school, I crawled back into bed and went back to sleep. I am so lucky to be able to do that.
The rest of the day I did my wifely duties, LOL. Sorry that makes me laugh.
I tidied up the house and made some cards.
I feel a cold coming on. So I made grilled cheese sandwiches with tomatoes and onions for supper. Onions are good for keeping a cold away. Well at least I hope so :)

Hope you all had an excellent creative Monday.



  1. Oh my gosh....this post has filled my head with comment material. First the tasteful, ladylike comment. Your cards are so pretty! I like them both but I like the red one

    Seems quite normal to lie on heat registers. I have little pillows and wraps I microwave and they stay warm for quite a while. On really OLD (not cold, OLD) days I have to drag out the heating pad. Or, sometimes I go cuddle with the snow dog. In the summer (or lately with hot flashes) I stick my head in the freezer. Is that odd? Well, it's harmless.

    Husbands and snoring - jeez Louise. Did you know 90% of women experience sleep trouble due to husbands snoring? My hubby finally went to the doctor, who sent him to a sleep lab. He has a major case of apnea. Now he wears a mask because they told him he could literally not wake up one morning if he didn't. He still manages to make a nice variety of gurgling noises anyway. He's gifted.

    What REALLY gets me is the horrifying sounds and noxious fumes the male of the species emits while sleeping. Many a time I have been on the verge of falling into a blissful slumber, only to hear the sound of what can only be described as machine gun fire and/or a tire blowing out and/or someone sitting on an overly ripe pumpkin. Total and complete disgust. Uh huh, sure, I really want to sleep next to that. I've been within seconds of picking up a can of Lysol, lifting the sheet and aiming that can where the sun don't shine. Oh, sorry I woke you dear. Mind you I did not become this vicious overnight (get it, overnight?). It has taken years of interrupted sleep to hone this brand of cruelty.

    We are already in separate beds. I forgot to mention he moves violently in his sleep. A cross between Chuck Norris and a killer whale coming up out of the water. Soon we will be in separate rooms. As I constantly remind my son, everything is okay, no one is getting a divorce, we love each other, etc. Better to sleep apart and have happy days. Better they not take me to the Macadamia Ranch, or jail.

    Lastly, around here doing the wifely duties has a whole different meaning! I love the man like crazy. Just can't sleep with him.

    Does this count as an entry for your giveway :).

  2. Well after Mrs Morris and her blog post comment what can I say accept agree with all of her comment.

    Love love that red card and the wreath is stunning like I said yesterday. Will be away for a couple of days working and will try and catch up on my phone, have scheduled my posts though

  3. once again your cards are great! I love the wreath on the red one--very pretty!

  4. Loving your cards.
    Last night was my night of little sleep. Got a letter from an aunt that really upset me. More Christmas prep today. And then baking with the wrecking crew tomorrow.

    It's really cold over here in MT too. Might make it above freezing today-it's a heat wave. Might have to dig out the Bermuda shorts.

  5. Your post had me laughing this morning, definitely needed that! Have a great day!

  6. So pretty! Love that blue one! I pinch Mike's nose when he is snoring. It really pisses him off though, lol! At least I get some sleep that way!

  7. Tracy
    Lovely cards and the heap of pink "warmers" reminded me of my DD when she was little. She would stand on the register and let her nighty make a big bell around her.
    Your blogger friends are hilarious.

  8. I love your cards! The photos of your daughter laying under the clothes cracks me up!! That would make a cute layout! :) Glad I found your blog! ~Heather Lynn

  9. We have the Underworld (great stuff) and the Blade trilogies, all the twilight so far and other vampire movies. We love Vampire movies the way you love your zombies Lol!
    My kids laugh at the old black and white dracula films that I used to watch with my grandma when I was a little girl, they used to scare me to death Hehe.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  10. Very pretty! It suddenly just occurred to me that maybe you embossed that flower I liked on one of your other cards yourself! I don't know why, I just thought the flower came that way. I've never had too very much luck with embossing. Guess I need to just practice more.

  11. You had me at chocolate turtles! Love the cards!!! You really are creative! I love those Underworld movies too (guilty pleasure!) Continue to have a fabulous holiday season!

  12. Your cards are fantastic, Tracy! I'm still laughing at the lengthy comment above, though!!!

  13. My husband snored last night and ended up on the couch! Too bad for him, I'm a light sleeper. Love your cards!

  14. MRSMORRIS you are freaking hilarious!!!!!!(grabbing the can of Lysol and setting it on the nightstand!)

  15. The girls under the towels is so cute! My cats lie (yes it is lie, I was just recently taught in my Grammar class-we all use LAY and we should be saying LIE. Makes no sense, but whatever) on our registers. They get so toasty warm

    Here is has been COLD and I have been FREEZING! We live in an old farm house and boy, we need insulation!!

    That long comment is a riot. Only thing is, I know exactly how the poor gal feels with her hubby!

    Beautiful cards, Tracy. You have been one busy gal.


  16. Those cards are really pretty!! You should start your own little card business :)


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