Thursday, December 30, 2010

Top 12 Projects

I have noticed a lot of top 10's. Top 10 cards, I am not the best card maker out there so I skipped that one. Top 10 layouts, I don't even think that I had made 10 layouts this year, sad I know.
So I came up with my Top 10 Projects that I had done this year. Well actually it was hard to only pick 10 so I did 12.
Okay the first picture is actually 2 projects but they are both gift card holders so I put them together, my blog... my rules, LOL.

So here is my 1st one. These are in no particular order.
The wallet and purse gift card holder. I just think these are so adorable.
Post it Note Holders. Not only are the practical they are really pretty too.
My Halloween Quilted Wall Panel. This was quilted to the max. I had trouble stopping the quilting on here. I also made the witches broom for the hanger.
My letter for the Halloween Letter Banner Swap. I was late doing this as I not only forgot I signed up, but no one contacted me with when they were to be done. Plus my dad passed away and this totally slipped my mind. Luckily I did make these and everyone received them in plenty of time before Halloween. Here is the video.
This helped me get back into crafting.
My favourite mini. I made this for my baby nephew Tom. I made this from scratch. I cut the individual pages and letters. It was a lot of work, but I so love how it turned out. Here is the video of how I did it and if you search you can see the finished pages on my channel. Baby Tom's book.
I crocheted these butterflies and flowers every weekend on our drive to and from our camp/cottage. I love working with wool.
This is my Vintage Mini album I made for a fellow blogger, Kate. I was in a swap that Tanya put on. I am so surprised and overwhelmed by all the comments and praise I received for this album. I was so nervous in sending this away. You always want the person who receives it love it as much as you do.
You can see the whole album Here.
This purse is so cool. It has pockets all along the inside of the bag. I love compartments. And because I made it I made the pockets to fit specific things. Like my tiny camera can fit in one of the pockets, my lip gloss can fit in the tiny pocket and my cell phone can fit in the front pocket. This is the second purse I made like this one.
I had so much fun making this mini, mini pink paper bag album. I made it during the winter Olympics. I also made all the embellishments and it was so fun. Mind you my living room looked like a craft bomb went off in it. You can check out the whole album on my channel.
This is the 1st mini album that I had ever made. It is also a paper bag mini album. Mind you not as small as the pink one. I don't have a picture of the completed front of the album. Not only is this my first mini, it was also the first project I did and put on my YouTube channel. Thanks Ashley, she encouraged me to start my YouTube channel.
You can see the completed mini Here.
I had fun making these tiny 3x3 albums out of one sheet of 12x12 paper. Considering how small they are you can fit a lot in these. You can see my tutorial here.
I made these reading journals with the help of my daughter Ashley. I really enjoy reading and want to keep a record of my books. So I figured out the measurements and where I would need to bind it, and got my brilliant daughter to make me a pattern for the inside pages. I wanted it so I could put 6 pages on one sheet of 8.5x11 cardstock and so when I cut them out it would be perfect. She Did It!!!
I have made quite a few of these, but would you believe I haven't filled mine in yet. I take pictures of all my books to put on the opposite page, but haven't done it yet.
So there you have it. 12 of my favourite projects of 2010. What is your favourite project?
Thankful Thursday
1. That I got to create all these wonderful projects through out the year.
2. That I am finished linking all these projects to this post.
3. That I can just relax when I am not feeling up to par.
4. That my family is all together, enjoying a day of hanging out.
5. That my family didn't get my sickness.
6. That this year is coming to a close and hoping that 2011 is a better one.
What are you thankful for today?


  1. Great projects all, Tracy. But I have to confess I borrowed your idea of the paper wallet to give my son restaurant gift cards for Christmas - I even used a label like you did, but put it on the inside. If he hasn't destroyed it, I'll have to take a picture to send you.

  2. Great projects! I think my favorites are a lot of the mini albums I made, can't pick just one :0), and the teacher gifts I did. Plan on starting some new projects so maybe I will keep better track of them starting the new year :0) And I am thankful that I got all of my laundry done today, good for at least 3 days now!

  3. Tracy,
    What a great post. I love the book for your nephew as well as the 3x3 mini's since I made them after watching your videos.
    I also really like the purse, I didnt see that post. I have made a few purses in the past, as I am such a fuss nut, I find it easier to make than buy.
    Also, I totally laughed out loud at your #2, thankful to be done linking.
    Too funny

  4. Wow Tracy, I love them all! But I must say the crocheted flower and butterfly are my favorite! TFS!

  5. Tracy,
    see you made a lot this year. YOu did good girl! I would have to say that your mini for the swap was my favorite. It is so me. LOL Loved the papers and embellishments you put on it. Although there isn't one project this year that you did that didn't amaze me. I bought a new stack of chip board today. Whoo hoo, so a mini might be coming soon.
    Love the journals as well. See that would be perfect to write your projects in. I need to make me one.
    Thankful for all the wonderful ideas, teachings and friendship you give so freely.

  6. I love looking at your work. It's the attention to detail. My favourite project was the mini album I made for my son's 16th birthday. Still haven't photographed it though. It was my first, so it's full of mistakes. I love it anyway. And it includes a 3x3 mini book using your tutorial :).

    Here are some things I'm thankful for:

    1) My son is now a fully licensed driver.
    2) That my husband and son love me, unconditionally.
    3) That I have medical insurance. Picked up a prescription today and the regular cost was close to $500.00. My co-pay was $9.00.
    4) Having "met" you :)

  7. So many wonderful projects! Great job!

  8. Wow and more wow. You are an amazing artist! That quilting especially is just stunning. (Love the broom handle.)

  9. your halloween quilt is my all time fav!! the post it notes are also great! i think i need a cinch or bind it all now--you enabler!

  10. Love your favorites!!! And have a wonderful New Year!!! :)

  11. Love your top 10 list - the wallet gift card holder is terrific!

  12. oooooo lovely and am off to your channel as I can't believe I missed some of the project video's
    Happy New Year Tracy and all best wishes for 2011 x

  13. I love that you posted all of your favorites. My all time favorite will always be the vintage mini you made for the swap. Not only was it mindblowingly beautiful but it was the reason I found you! It also offered a ton of new techniques that you also so graciously shared with us. Have a wonderful new year Tracy and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Maybe this 2011 I'll be able to get some more crafting in.

  14. I love your mini albums. I saw your youtube channel and I love the interactive pages. Great job on all of your projects.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  15. Wow these are all spectacular! Great idea for a post. I think my fav is the Halloween panel, that is so adorable. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi Tracy Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and thanks for the comment as well.
    I am here not shy LOL!!!
    You also have great projects!!!
    I am now a follower now we can follow our journey.
    Happy New Year

  17. I love your 12 projects! I'll have to do this next year. I have such a great feeling about 2011, it's going to be a great year!

  18. Great projects, every one! Hope you are feeling much better. Happy New Year!

  19. Those ARE some awesome projects!! I'm definitely getting some inspiration here!

    I also want to THANK YOU for stopping by my blog & leaving such a nice comment!

  20. Tracy,
    You were a very crafty soul this past year. I am thankful I met you through crafting. I hope you and your family have a Happy New Year. I will be going to bed early as I have to be at work by 6am tomorrow!

  21. You are so creative, love all your projects...have a great 2011!

  22. i like them all, their all different and very nice.. makes me want to create :D

  23. Love ALL of these Tracy--so out of the box and creative and fun!


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