Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas cards and a dinner out.

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Tonight was Friday Night Scrapbooking at my house. Ohhhh how I love Fridays.
I even made a few Christmas Cards.
I got this idea from Donna.
I changed it up a bit, but more or less its the same. I usually don't copy a card so closely, but I loved this one.
The wreath takes a bit of time, but so worth it don't you think?
Another version.
This one is my favorite. I really like the contrast between the dark green and the background pattern paper.
My goal this season is to not purchase any new Christmas paper this year. So far so good. Quite a bit of my cards have been actually made from my scrap paper. I added foam tape on the wreath so it is raised a tad.
Now what do you think when you look at this? Just a kids toy, a few Lego pieces...Correct.
But I used it as a Stamp A Ma Jig. Pretty cleaver eh?
Ya I can't take the credit for it though. I saw it on another blog. What a good idea!
I love to use those $1.50 stamps from Michael's. But they are never straight on the wood blocks, so this is perfect.
Tonight we had to go see the accountant. What I love about this, is we always go out for supper on the company :)
We went to The Keg. I got the steak and shrimp. Yummy

Hubby got Prime rib and lobster. Actually this is my SIL, Val's meal, she sat closer to me, teehee.
I don't like lobster, but everyone else did, because they all ordered it. I forgot to take a picture of my dessert, which was on the house :)
I did balance late last night. 1st try, yeah.
Whenever I balance month end, I shout out and do a little dance, I told you little things make me happy. Everyone was sleeping, as it was about 2:00am. So I had to celebrate quietly, lol.
I am so glad its the weekend. I plan on getting my Christmas cards all done (I only have about 30 left to do) and finish my thank you cards.
What are you creating this weekend?


  1. Those cards are so very pretty, Tracy. That wreath is an awesome idea. I will have to check out that gals blog.

    I love that die cut that you stamped on. Like the pattern on the outside of it. Glad you got to play and glad everything balanced out. Makes life a whole lot easier.

    Your meals look yummy. I love steak and prime rib, but no shrimp or lobster for me. LOL

    Good Luck on the cards. Have a great weekend.

  2. The wreath is simply beautiful! Love the stamp A ma jig idea! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  3. Your meals look really appetizing. I love your christmas cards, the wreaths are brilliant.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. that wreath on the cards is just way too pretty! great job! and i am glad you had fun with your friday night scrapping--plus a dinner out-and i must say it looks fab!

  5. Beautiful cards, Tracy - I love the wreath!

  6. The cards are great! Love that wreath. And now I'm going to dig out some of my kid's old legos. Whodathunkit?

  7. Tracy,
    I love the card and what a great idea on using Lego's. I love it
    Thanks for sharing

  8. Tracy
    Great cards. Love your idea (stampamajig).
    Boy do I ever know what you mean when you balance on the first try!!!Happy dance all over the

  9. I need to go get breakfast, I'm starving and looking at that dinner is making it worse!! ;) Love your cards and that you are totally using up your stash!!! That wreath is awesome!

  10. BEAUTIFUL cards Tracey and I love that idea on the wreath! I may have to case that idea, thanks! And how stinking clever for the lego idea! Gosh I have tons of lego blocks from the boys when they were little....and to think I spent money on a stampamajig! You meal looked yummy! HUGS!

  11. Love the wreath card and must pop over to Donna for a look but tomorrow now as need to get off the computer and get ready to go out for dinner, I don't think it will look anything like the steak and lobster meal but don't think I could eat all of it and would so need a doggy bag.

    I will try my card with the candle light inside and let you know if it works. x

  12. Love the cards. Looks like a yummy dinner.

  13. The wreath is beautiful! That meal looks so yummy!

  14. I have been busy working stuff to put inside my December Daily. Come check it out! Your plates look like the kind of stuff my husband eats. I think his mouth watered, lol :0)

  15. Love the card so cute! I love when punches turn into something cool like that.

    As soon as I saw that meal I knew it was the Keg. Not that I eat meat, but it had KEG written all over it.

  16. LOVE the wreaths on the cards you made! Now that's CRAFTASTIC!!

    That food looks delicious. I'm with you - not a big lobster lover. LOVE shrimp and crab, though! And steak OF COURSE!!!

  17. Thank you so much for stopping by the Passionately Artistic blog and leaving such a nice comment! :) I'm so glad you liked my re-purposed mug!

  18. What a brilliant idea to use the Lego pieces! Great idea!!!

    Oh...your dinner looks fantastic! Glad you enjoyed it!! :D

    Have a great day!


  19. Those cards are beautiful, love those wreaths and that dinner looks amazing! Food always tastes better when the company pays for it, doesn't it?

  20. I'm soooooo with you on no new Christmas paper this far, so good! I am using up all my scraps and left-overs (and making room for new paper next year!)

  21. I love hoeade cards,,,but I have ZERO talent for creating them....


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