Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Post it Note Holders

Today I actually got in some creative time.
I made these post it note holders. I saw some a couple years ago, actually this is the reason why I bought my bind it all. Well, I finally made them.
I really enjoyed making these, I may make a few more. I planned on giving these to my SIL's for Christmas this year. They also work for the company business. As you can tell they never did receive them, teehee.
Like I said I really enjoyed making these. But seriously I love and enjoy making all my treasures.
The only thing with these is that I made them in the living room as Hubby and I watched Alias. So I was up and down the stairs getting supplies that I needed or ran out of. I think Hubby might have got a tad annoyed with pausing the show all the time :)
I just adhered the post it note pad to the inside of the note pad.
I made these with thick chip/book board. I then covered it with pattern paper, sanded the edges and then inked them. Ya I put the binding on the wrong way, oh well.
I was sneezing again today. Just when I thought I had this cold beat, it snuck back up on me. As to my cold sore, it is smaller but now it is starting to scab, ohhhh how beautiful. I know you were just all dying to know about it, lol.
Still not up to par today. Actually I stayed in my robe all day. How pathetic am I?
Mind you I don't care, LOL.
So Hubby and I watched TV and I was on the computer. Not only did we watch Alias but we also watched Resident Evil Afterlife. It wasn't bad.
I hope you got in some creative time today.


  1. I love those super cute note holders! Great job!

  2. Tracy,
    These are adorable. I had bought my bind it all for the same reason. Lol.
    Sure hope you feel better soon.
    Many hugs,

  3. oh i love these! they are just way too cute!

    hope you are feeling better today!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon, love your notes and Yep I bought my BIA for the same reason too. Hope your Christmas was a good one x

  5. Great job on the post-it note holders. I love making these with the BIA, too!

  6. Those are too cute; great idea; I always keep a small note pad like that in my purse. Might have to put a BIA on my wishlist. Hope you are over the sniffles and your other icky ailment soon!

  7. These are so cute, I love them! I was in my robe yesterday until 1PM, so I think you're doing just fine! How many years was Alias on? I feel like you should be nearing the end of the series.

  8. These are very cute. I might even have to make a couple of them today as I am home with a cold today as well.

  9. they are so cute! love the flowers on the cover!!

  10. THOSE ARE COOL!!! i wants one.. but in green!

  11. Those are really, really pretty! And you can just never have too many post it notes.

  12. So I think I need a Bind it All!!

  13. These are so cute! I love cute, easy, practical gifts. I'm going to file this idea away. Maybe pick up a BIA myself one of these days. :)

  14. Cute! Do you use a bind it all or cinch?

  15. So cute! I don't have a binding machine yet ;0) On my list of wants :0)


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