Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Cards... Check :)

Thank you for the well wishes from my fall yesterday. I am fine. My butt is a tad sore like I did butt crunches or something. Can you do butt crunches? Odd as I fell on my tata's not my backside.

Tonight was Scrap booking Friday Night. I think we should change it to Card making Friday Night, as we seem to make cards more then scrap book pages lately. Again Sharon didn't do anything but chat. When the evening came to an end I asked her why didn't you help me with my Christmas cards. LOL.
Well I have finally completed my Christmas cards. I wanted to finish them tonight. So I am sorry to say that the last of them are the same or similar.
I love this one though. Of course it is my favourite colour ;) Plus that paper stripe is very pretty.

I used the Cuttlebug to emboss the white background paper.
The card stock for the card forms came from my stash. But all of the paper came from my scraps. I still have way to many scraps.
So I made 10 cards tonight. I used this same layout for each of them.
Onto my day:
I had a list of about 10 things I needed to get done today. I got 5 done. I can live with 50% ;)

Don't worry I picked up Hubby's parcel this afternoon.
Then I find out it is a Christmas gift for me. Don't get to excited, it is from Cabela's. I am not an outdoor kind of girl. Oh don't get me wrong, I love to walk in the country, heck I was raised in the country. I just don't like the outdoor activities that hubby loves. Such as fishing, hunting and, well in general killing and eating wild game. I would rather go for a hike, ski or snowshoe or just enjoy the outdoors and take pictures. But hubby keeps hoping I will change my ways. Ya honey good luck with that one, lol.
I have a feeling that he bought me winter boots to match his. He was so proud of his boots. He was walking around the house with them on. Telling us that his boots are rated to -135F weather. I told him if its ever that cold outside, sure as shit, your not going to find me outdoors.

Hope you all had a creative Friday, I did ;)



  1. Lol what are men like!!! I love you cards, may borrow some of your ideas. Stil have a few (gulp) to make!

  2. I admire you for making all your cards. And ALL those turtles. I was thinking about turtles today, visualizing piping a very thin layer of green icing around their necks, like a collar. Then adding teeny, tiny red candies and something that looks like a leaf, to resemble holly. I give myself headaches with all of my ideas.

    How about will do one of hubby's outdoor activities with him, if he spends an equal amount of time scrapping with you? Better still - do the scrapping wearing ONLY the his and hers snow boots. Oh my mind...

  3. You are so funny! I thought of you today as I walked passed the sweetened milk. LOL But I knew if I brought it home it would soon be on my butt, so I passed cause I would eat the whole thing. LOL
    went out for Christmas presents and only managed 2. Totally sucks.
    Yep, if it is that cold you wouldn't find me out there in it either. LOL Oh that cracked me up.
    have a great week Tracy.

  4. looks like you had a really productiv friday crop.your cards are wonderful!

  5. Very funny on the boots!!!!! Wouldn't find me outdoors then either - now way!!!! And I LOVE the outdoors! But only when it's between 60 and 100 degrees. Pretty cards! Since Chanukah is over, I keep forgetting that you guys still have Christmas to go!

  6. Great cards - you used that stamp and design to the fullest advantage.

  7. Great cards and sorry to hear of your fall. My hubby gets me stupit presents that aren't worth the paper they are wrapped in but I just love having them to open anyway, one year I got a pencil sharpener!!

  8. Great cards and even better that they're all done!!! I'm laughing that he maybe got you matching boots! Have a great day!

  9. Gorgeous cards Tracy! I'm glad that you are OK after the "face plant". I would definitely complain to the management at Zellers. You could have broken something. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  10. Love your cards! It's easy to produce a lot when you use the same layout :0) They all turned really cute!

  11. Love your cards :) I didn't even send them this year.... thats bad I know! But I do have plans to make tags for the gifts.. does that count? lol. Your turtles looks awesome too... yum!

  12. i should go hunting with your husband! lol

    i love hunting.. i just enjoy going out in the bush and be awesome

  13. Your cards are gorgoeus, girl....and you're right - you wouldn't catch me outdoors in that kind of weather, either! LOL!

  14. Really fab cards, it's nice when there all done isn't it. I still have a fair few to do. Better get my butt into gear lol!
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  15. I have a feeling that he bought me winter boots to match his. I told him if its ever that cold outside, sure as shit, your not going to find me outdoors.

    FREAKING HILARIOUS!!!! And the "Sure as Shit"..I have said that so many times and apparently it is a Canadian expression... First time I said it, my mother in law looked at me with a blank expression and said, "Sure as WHAT?? How can Shit be sure?? WHat are you talking about??" I laughed and totally forgot what I was saying!

    Thanks for the giggles...oh..and sorry about the face plant....hope you are okay

  16. beautiful, thank you for sharing!!


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