Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shopped out....never

I am shopped out. LOL, just kidding.
I don't think that is possible.
So hubby was off again today and we did another Christmas shopping day. No breakfast brought home for me today. BUT we did go to Montana's for lunch. Yummy.

Today Ashley, and her boyfriend, Tyler are going to Ashley's Christmas staff dinner. It is at the Keg.
Isn't she beautiful. Tyler isn't half bad himself.

See, see she wore her new shoes :) I should have cropped this picture. Just focus on them, not the clutter on the right. Onto my day:
Shopped. Yup that's about it.
I picked up Kristy from school at the end of the day. Guess what we did. Yup shopped. LOL.
She had to pick up a few gifts for her friends. They are exchanging gifts tomorrow after school.

Cute story: When Kristy handed in her poem book I helped her bind. The teacher was very impressed with it. She thought Kristy bought it. When Kristy told her that her mom did it, the teacher was shocked. She asked Kristy "Does you mom have a machine that does this"?
Kristy replied, "Oh ya, she has many". LOL.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?
1. Almost done my Christmas shopping.
2. Didn't eat my fries at lunch...actually I was full, it wasn't really a health decision :)
3. Didn't smother hubby during the night because of his snoring.

Your turn :)
Again no creative time was had ;(



  1. How do you do it? I can't stand shopping. My sister and I went and did some on Saturday and we were NOT in the holiday spirit. Ugh. So thankful for online shopping. :)

  2. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!

  3. Beautiful daughter and very handsome boyfriend! :)
    I'm almost done with the Christmas shopping but then there's gift wrapping, tag making, tree trimming... No rest until Christmas Eve. But it's great fun!

  4. Your daughter is so pretty!

    shopping is just too fun! you are lucky you have a hubby who will shop with you. mine has about a 1-2 hour limit and then he gets antsy and wants to go. so usually i do it by myself!

  5. Tracy,
    Your daughter is stunning.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Yes, I agree, your daughter is stunning!! :D

  7. Cute couple! Hope you get in some creative time soon.

  8. Very beautiful daughter you have there. Her boyfriend isn't half bad either :0) I am proud that I got the rest of my Christmas decorating done and my house cleaned. Also went out to dinner with hubby and some vendors from his work. First time doing that and it was fun.

  9. Your daughter is beautiful and the shoes look amazing! Glad you're almost done shopping, it's exhausting. There will be plenty of crafty time in the near future, I'm sure!

  10. So sweet, and her shoes are adorable! I might be a little jealous of them ;)

  11. I'm with Red Panda (of course she is my sister) I'm all for on-line shopping. Maybe it's my job, but I don't like crowds. Ashley is beautiful!

  12. Your daughter is gorgeous! Those shoes - wow...still don't know how she can walk in them!

  13. Horray for being done shopping! I am too :) It feels so good. Loving your dd's shoes too!!

  14. Glad she got to wear her new shoes. I wish I could send you shopping for me too. I have yet to begin.

  15. Your daughter is gorgeous!! And I am so jealous of her shoes :)

  16. Your daughter is beautiful and I LOVE those pricey shoes. They sure look cute with that dress.


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