Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Nothing Day.

Today was a nothing day. You know those days. The day goes by in a heartbeat and nothing gets accomplished. Well that was my day today.
All the girls were home. Hubby was at work. My daughters and I tidied up the house, watched a movie, that I didn't plan on watching, and ordered a pizza for supper. Before I knew it the day was over.

I did go out shopping with my friend tonight. I was thinking on just staying home because of my cold, but I pushed through and picked up a few things.

Here is our Christmas Tree, all lite up, with a few gifts under it. We still like to wait until Christmas Eve to put most of the gifts out. Sometimes we will put a gift out just to keep the girls on their toes. You know they still notice when we put a new gift under the tree, lol.
Here is my mug of choice for tonight, for my tea and honey. Hubby had tea with me again tonight. Even though I don't like or drink coffee, I do like mugs. So if we are on vacation or at a specialty shop and I see one that catches my eye, I will pick it up. But I have to really love it. This one here, my Aunt Carol gave me. She knows I love my chocolate. (see how I staged some chistmas ornaments around it, ohhh are you impressed with my photography skills, lol)
When I was driving back from shopping with Deb, this is what the moon looked like. Of course my pictures don't do it justice. It was huge, and there were hazy clouds around it.
This one is really blurry, but it shows the clouds better.
So tonight we are watching "Alias" again.
I can't believe that we haven't watched one Christmas movie yet this year. We always watch a Christmas movie a night, and we love our Christmas movies.
My favourite is The Christmas Story, I just love it. I always tear up at the end when the dad is watching the son pour the BB's in the gun.

So what is your favourite Christmas movie?



  1. oh those are so great. i love love the moon shots. we woke up at 3 30 am to try and catch the eclipse but it was too cloudy.

    hahaha...nothing days...yup. i know whatcha mean!

  2. your tree is very pretty. Ours is packed but we do have santa gifts to go under christmas eve or there will be peekers and shakers. LOL
    Moon shots are cool. I took some tonight too. LOL
    I have some pics of my tree and such on facebook.
    Favorite christmas movie is the same as yours. I hate that lamp and hubbers wants it just to tick me off. LOL
    Have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. I'm an old tradionalist, my favourite christmas movie is "A Wonderful Life". Your tree looks fantastic. Your moon looks good in the photo's, we watched the lunar eclipse the other morning out of the bedroom window that was amazing.
    Happy christmas
    Tracy x

  4. Your Christmas tree is amazing! Very pretty!

  5. oh your tree is so pretty! i love to look at the trees all light up--they are always oh so pretty. and i agree we dont put our presents out till christmas eve as well

    love the picture of the moon!

  6. Your tree is so pretty. I need to take some photos of mine. My hubby got some awesome shots of the lunar eclipse. You need to check his blog out
    He posts a picture a day.
    Yesterday, I worked a half a day extra. We are so busy--admitted 2 more babies, so we were up to 22.
    My oldest daughter cooked a turkey dinner and invited us over. That was really nice, since Curtis is on the road again and it meant I didn't have to cook.

  7. Your tree is beautiful, Tracy! I love most Christmas movies, especially A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott. One of my new favorite movies is a Hallmark movie from a couple of years ago - The Christmas Card with Ed Asner. I think I've seen it at least 5 times this year already, plus I have it on dvd!

  8. Thank you for the link to the gift card holder video!

  9. Your tree looks wonderful with the gifts beneath it! And that last moon photo is great!

  10. My sister lives in Cleveland and visited the A Christmas Story house. Randy was there (all grown up now) and she had her picture taken with him!

  11. Your tree is so PRETTY!! I just love it!!

  12. Your tree looks gorgeous and we do the same gifts go under the tree on Christmas eve... favourite Christmas movie is 42nd street, followed by the Holiday and then love actually

  13. is it bad that I love Bad Santa?? although I also like Elf... and I do love some of the old ones... just can't get anyone else into those

    I wish there was something like an Ice Age christmas movie, or Shrek... you know full length with all the humour!

  14. Surprisingly enough we haven't watched any Christmas movies either. Didn't realize it until you mentioned it, lol. My all time favorite is Miracle on 24th Street. I actually caught the last hour of that on T.V. the other night. Great pictures of the moon and I love your tree even more lit up!

  15. Your tree looks so pretty at night! I rather like the back drop for your mug too and everyday I see your mug, it makes me want a warm drink! Christmas Story is probably my favorite as well with Christmas Vacation a close second!


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