Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift card purses

Guess what we did today? You'd be right if you answered, shopping.
I think we are finally done now. I just have to get hubby a few things. I am going to go shopping with Sharon tomorrow. I will pick up a few stocking staffer's, because we know we can't leave every thing to Santa ;)

Talk about Stockings. Kristy and her friends exchanged gifts today. Her girlfriend gave Kristy a huge stocking. So our stocking prank continues.
When we were out today hubby found a 6' tall stocking. He so wanted to get it and put it with the others and then tell the girls that they had to fill it for him. Such a joker.I got in a bit of crafting today, Yeahhhh. Every year I make gift card holders. You can check them out on my YouTube channel Here. Well this year I found these ones. They are adorable. I changed it up a bit, I added ribbon for the handle as I liked it better. These have quite a bit of room inside. You could probably fit some treats in here as well.

Here is the first one I made. They called for paper handles. I didn't like them as much as they look funky. Plus my trimmer is dull, can you tell? I also did a manly gift card holder. I made these for father's day. I had one left over, but not completely finished. So I just added the insides and put the sentiment on it.
Here is the inside. There is even a place to hold money, like in a real wallet. I told my daughters I should put some fake money in it. Fake wallet....fake money, teehee.
So onto my day:

Shopped again. I was so tired today. When we came home I took 2 naps. I keep feeling like I am getting a cold and then the next day nothing. It has been like this for weeks now. I don't mind as long as I don't get a cold. That would suck, just at Christmas.

I was hopping to get my Christmas cards and parcels in the mail, but that didn't happen today. I have one more thing to get done and off they go. I don't know why but this year I am not stressing about it. That is so not like me. I stress about everything.

Hope everyone had a creative Wednesday, I did ;)



  1. I wish I had seen these earlier. Drats. These would have been perfect for my G.F. she loves purses and so do I. Oh well next year right.
    Have fun shopping Tracy. I won't be done until Dec 24th. UCK!

  2. Awesome gift card holders!

  3. those are the best gift card holders ever! way too cute!

  4. Tracy,
    I love the holders, they are adorable.
    Thanks for sharing

  5. Love your gift card holders, they are great!

  6. Your gift card holders are fantastic!

  7. These are wonderful! I love the wallet.

  8. Tracy,
    Love the little gift card holders. Especially the wallet.
    I am the one with the Christmas time cold--hopefully on the mend finally.
    I need to run out and get a few stocking stuffers.
    Can hardly wait to see my baby--her dad is off to Seattle tomorrow to pick her up and bring her and all her stuff home, since she heads to Vienna, Austria for a semester in Jan.
    Hope you are having a great week.


  9. Love the gift card purses, too cute! I hope you don't sick for Christmas either. Last year when Ty, my 10 yr. old, woke up Christmas morning and ended up in the bathroom every 1/2 hour throwing up. He tried all day to act like he was okay, he was such a trooper though. Crossing my fingers that doesn't happen again this year, three of them have colds at the moment.

  10. Your little gift card holders are SO cute!

  11. Love your gift card holders, especially the wallet!

  12. Those are adorable! Love them! I think my girls might like them just to play with!!

  13. Love the purses! That is a FABULOUS way to give a gift card! You are so creative! Have fun shopping. That's on my to do list too... bracing for the crowds!

  14. Those gift card holders are awesome! I love the "manly" one :-)

  15. Cute card holders! That is the last thing on my list to get done, card holder for gift certificates I'm giving on Christmas. I still have some time....thanks for the great ideas and video! :)

  16. oooh! very creative and cuuuttee! lol You do some nice work Tracy!


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