Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Trees and a Fall.

Well I actually made it to the garden center today.
I love these poinsettia's, the bench, the colour. Actually I love this whole display.
They had different colours of poinsettia's. This one has a shade of blue in it. My personal preference is the red.
Aren't these cups and saucers adorable. Actually they are planters, but oh so cute.
Now I love green trees. White trees are just not normal, I don't care for them. But this one caught my eye. I think I like it because of all the red ornaments, flowers and red netting. The contrast beween the red and the white, is just stunning.
Green seemed to be a popular colour this year. I noticed alot of green ornaments, netting and lights.Today was spent waiting for my stupid husbands parcel, or should I say, husbands stupid parcel. Whichever way you say it, it works for me.
So I had a lot of errands to do today. But I put them off as I had to stay around home for "the parcel". It didn't come all morning. And I really needed to do these things today. So Heather stayed home and waited for it.
It still didn't arrive after I was done. My hubby texted me all day. He follows "the parcel" through the internet, crazy guy.
So I figured I want to go and look at the Trees. So Heather and I went. You guessed it "the parcel" came while we were gone.

Ok now put down anything you are drinking as I have a story to tell.
Tonight Ashley and I went out to pick up a few things from the mall. As we were walking to the jeep, with bags and kitty litter in hand, I tripped. No I didn't trip, I did a face plant. Well thankfully I am pretty busty, as I did a boob plant in the parking lot. My face didn't hit the ground. Ashley my sweet, loving concerned daughter, laughed so hard I think she may have peed a bit. She did ask if I was ok in between laughing her head off.
I have to admit, it must have been pretty funny. The cap for the cat litter went flying and there was cat litter all over. I just lay there, stunned.
You see it has been snowing hard all afternoon and evening. The snow covered a curb to the parking lot. As we were driving away I said I wonder if I could sue Zellers for having unkept parking lots. This got her laughing again.

Thankful Thursday:
1. Glad that I didn't break my ankle on the curb
2. Happy that I didn't break my neck during the fall.
3. I have a place to visit that put me in the Chistmas mood.
4. That Kristy put out an asprin and water for me to take for my headache.
5. The warm register that I took a nap on :)
What are you Thankful for today.



  1. Oh no that sucks you fell but thank God for being busy;) I'm happy you didn't break anything! I love the Nursery at this time of year, they always make their trees so pretty.

    Take care might be a little sore.

  2. If you were in the U.S., you'd be suing! LOL!!!

    Those poinsettias are gorgeous...I can never keep them alive long - so I don't even bother anymore.

  3. Great photos! I love looking at holiday decor in the stores.

  4. Tracy
    Thanks for the pics. They gave me a smile.
    Sorry you did a brodie though. Glad it was only the kitty litter that got spilled. Your DD did exactly what mine would have done. lol

  5. I love poinsettias, the red ones also like you. They are my mom's birth flower so that makes them even cooler for me. Gorgeous displays you got to visit! I am thankful for feeling well enough to volunteer in first grade today and making it through. I also have two teachers albums fully assembled and ready for embellishments so I am thankful I got that done also. I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself too terribly when you fell. I probably would have laughed my butt off too like Ashley did :0)

  6. even though i hate poinsettas.. the blue one looks awesome!!

    i love going to the garden centres and checking out the trees and displays.. but i has no way out there.. one day.. one day

  7. Now that is a cup of coffee!! :D

    Glad you had a sufficient amount of "padding" to break your fall! ha! ha!

    You are too funny!

  8. Okay, all I have to say is thank god you didn't bust your nose! I would have asked if you were okay first before I laughed my ass off.

    Those Christmas trees are gorgeous. My tree is red green and gold so the green one appealed to me the most but I like the red one because my favorite color is red, but in no way would I ever put up a white tree. Just not my thing.

  9. I'm always fascinated by Poinsettias that aren't pure Red or White and by trees that employ the green on green decorating scheme. I think White Trees are best if you're really working a theme. Otherwise, it just gets visually confusing.

  10. "Today was spent waiting for my stupid husbands parcel, or should I say, husbands stupid parcel. Whichever way you say it, it works for me." You crack me up!

    I am thankful for your always entertaining blog and that you weren't injured when you fell...nature's padding. ;)

  11. Humpty Dumpty! Oh Humpty....I am sorry you had a fall. Seriously, as you know, I can relate (eeaawww - donkey noise). I'm glad it was on snow and not concrete. I really admire those people who can witness a loved one fall, and not laugh. Those folks are few and far between.

    So cute that your hubby tracks the parcel on its journey. I do that too. Speaking of parcels, one is coming your way. Yep, finaleeee.


    1. Hubby bought new wiper blades for my car.
    2. Hubby puts gas in my car so I don't have to.
    3. Canadian Cuties!

  12. I'm glad you're all right.
    Those displays are beautiful!
    I bought such a cute tiny poinsetta last Saturday and put in on a shelf in the hallway so the cats wouldn't reach it. Today I discovered that I'd totally forgot about it for a whole week, so that poinsetta is not so pretty anymore. :/
    It's not the first time... I put the Halloween bouquet high up on one of those shelves because the cats wouldn't leave it alone. Guess what's left on that shelf 1.5 months later? A very dry flower mess with Halloween decorations. I just saw it the other day and thought: uh-oh. And then instantly forgot about it again! LOL!
    So, if you'll excuse me, I've got some old dry flowers to remove. See you later. :)

  13. love all the holiday decorations displays--they are so pretty--sorry about your fall! any bruises?

    have a great time tonight at your crop!

  14. Tracy,
    What a funny story. Thanks for the advice for putting my drink down..LOL
    I think I would of laughed too, glad you are ok

  15. LOL! It's good to laugh about these things! Those trees are so pretty!

  16. How are you making out with all that snow?? The news made it sound crazy up there like everyone is snowed in and your are out shopping :) My mom works in London and they told her to work from home all week!

  17. Gorgeous trees! And I don't usually like stuff like that, either!

  18. HAHA I am glad you are okay but I probably would have reacted just like your daughter! It would be hard not too!!

    I am so in love with the green tree you posted! So pretty!!

  19. Thank goodness you didn't break anything! Glad your okay. I've never seen a poinsettia with blue in it. I prefer the red as well.

  20. Congrats to your lucky winners!

    Oh Tracy, I could just imagine you falling the way you did and your daughter laughing! So glad you didn't break anything. I am sure you were stunned.

    Once my husband fell down our carpeted steps. Imagine those window garfield suction cup animals from years ago that people would put on their car windows...

    His arms and legs were out like that, trying to stop himself. Needless to say, he went all the way down and I was laughing my ass off! It was only as funny as it was, because he did not get hurt. I was laughing right now, just thinking about it.

    Take Care,

    BTW that red and white tree is gorgeous!

  21. Tracy,

    I am thankful you didn't hurt yourself when you fell. Love your visit to the garden center.
    Hope you are having a good day today.

    Need more info for you trip to MT. It is a big state and you will be coming in from the east. Will you be traveling from the north along the border or further south? How long will you be here? Any specific interests? We have 2 national parks here in MT. You better be stopping in Great Falls to say hi. My daughter works at the Fairfield Inn behind the front desk and can get you a good deal.

  22. What beautiful pictures! Sorry you fell... :)

  23. Now that's my kind of coffee mug! LOL. And thanks - you just confirmed to me that Winter is indeed hazardous to our health. If I could move back to Florida for December, January and February every year, I would. They are calling for snow here in Nashville this weekend. I'm sooooo not ready for it... (Glad you didn't get hurt!)

  24. And that's why you should buy kitty litter in the box!!!!!!!!!!! (just kidding!) Glad you didn't get hurt and how weird on the blue poinsettias!

  25. Oh no, you poor thing. okay I am laughing but o=mainly on the comment that heather peed a little. LOL Boobs bounce how come you didn't bounce up? LOL At least you didn't hit your head.
    Wonderful trees and I love those planters. I think that would be cute for a little plant or mini tree for the studio. I will have to hunt for one.
    Have a great week and I hope you aren't sore today.


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