Saturday, December 11, 2010

Medallions and Lords.

Today was a movie marathon day. Its cold outside so a perfect day to stay inside.
We did the zombies marathon and the vampire marathon. So today it was either Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings. I have only watched Lord of the Rings once, so that was the choice.

So during our Lord of the Rings marathon I brought up some crafty fun, found a tiny lamp spot lamp (as Heather likes to watch TV in the dark) and made some medallions. I have a YouTube tutorial on my channel here .
I really like how these ones turned out.
They are made with Kraft card stock. You know I didn't like Kraft coloured paper. But I really like these and the ticket's made with this paper.
Then I got a little festive and got out my Christmas scraps and made some Christmas ones. These ones I cut at 1.5" x 12" (I only used 1 strip, not 2) then cut with a border punch. I then scored every 1/4".
I didn't use a border punch on this one.
I don't know what the heck happened with these ones. They are a little wickity wack, LOL. I think I put them down before the glue dried. Well thats my story and I'm stickn' to it.
So for my giveaway last week, only one lady sent me her address. I did contact all the winners via their blog or YouTube channel. But they haven't got back to me. Being this time of year I only really want to go to the post office once :)
So I haven't mailed them out yet. But then again that gave me more time to add to it. I think I will add some of these to the package. I better get these out soon, the longer they are here the more I add to it. And I need to get other projects completed, teehee.

So I had a good day today. Creating, TV and computer. A perfect Saturday.
Hope yours was just as enjoyable.



  1. Tracy
    These are really cute.


    Lord of the Ring(s)


  3. fun day Tracy. I was busy cleaning. I like the sound of your day much better. I was thinking of having another movie marathon with those same movies. I still have star wars, and the mummies to watch. DS got me the collection. I don't do zombies but do the vampires. Love that collection.
    Hubby made oatmeal butterscotch cookies. That was about it.
    Have a wonderful sunday.

  4. Don't you just love multi-tasking! Your medallions are very pretty. I like the kraft paper designs the best.

    You may have to pick two new winners, and no, not from your nose silly. If you decide to go that route, let me know and I can probably help you with the method. Unless you saved your slips of paper :).

  5. I LOVE your rosettes!! Especially the Kraft colored ones. They look kind of gold-ish to me. They are all beautiful though!

  6. I love the medallions you make. I tried but mine didn't turn out so well. Maybe I'll try again after I get some of my other projects down to a minimum :0)

  7. heck if you have to pick new winners..I'll make it easy!! pick me pick me pick me.....( does that help?? no??? drat!)

    I seriously am seeing the need to buy corner punches and border punches again... Yes, I said AGAIN. I used to have a ton, back when cutting your pictures into cutsey shapes was the rage, but a few years ago, I went Linear ( neaning if it ain's square or rectangular, it ain't happening) and I gave away all my 'fancy' punches. Facepalm...why didn't anyone stop me????????

  8. Love those medallions! Look out - I think our snow is headed your way!

  9. Oh yes Lord Of The Rings one of my favourites, great choice hun. Sounds like my kinda day. Love your medallions, especially the red and green. I think you should do some girly colours too.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  10. I love these! I keep thinking I'm going to try my hand at these but I haven't gotten around to it. Do you think they would be okay for Valentiney projects?

  11. Oooooh! I love these! I really need to make some of these this holiday! Going to check out your tutorial.:-)

  12. Yup. So I pretty much love these. Just say'n.

  13. I love those. They are so cute and very easy to make!


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