Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yup another card ;) My little flower girl.

Another card :)
Are you bored of them yet?
I hope not as I have a lot more to share over the next few days....or weeks :)

The funny thing about this card is that as I was laying in bed at 2:15 in the morning, during my creative get away, I thought of this layout.
I sooo wanted to get up and make it, but I didn't want to wake Debbie up.
So I made it in the morning.
Then later in the evening I was looking through some sketches and saw a pencil sketch like this. So now I'm thinking I wasn't so creative, this may have been hidden in my subconscious, lol.
I really like this background paper and wanted to use it.

Isn't this image so cute.
It reminds me of my friends daughter, Kaitlyn, when she was a little girl.
I paper pieced her hat, and coloured the underside of it.

Another angle of this image.

The inside of the card.
Of course I used my recipe card. Is it even a surprise, lol.

This stamp set came with a mini version of the little girl. So cute.

Onto My Day:
Kristy had a good day for her 1st day in her placement.
She thinks she may have made a mistake packaging the different types of bread, teehee.
Hope she has a better day tomorrow.

I was chatting on the phone for almost 2 hours to one of my blogging friends. I need to multitask. If I am not walking around the house while talking on the phone, I am cleaning. So I unpacked my scrapbooking supplies from my weekend get away.
Feels so good to be unpacked and everything in its place.

I think Wayne may be a bit tired of cooking suppers as he seemed a tad crabby as he was making dinner. Either that or he misses work.
He has been on holidays since before Christmas. He goes back next week. Boy am I going to miss him....and his cooking, lol.

Hope you had a creative Tuesday :)

Tracy :)


  1. you have been busy!!!

  2. Yet another wonderful card. I love the idea of a small stamp to put inside. It really finishes off a card. Boy you are going to miss him. My hubby cooks on the weekend sometime. I love it.

  3. This is sooooo cute Tracy~
    love that paper piece hat and that image is just adorable.... love the colouring and the way you did the card.....

  4. What a cute card! Love the hat and how you placed the mini-stamp. :-) Tell Kristy to hang in there!

  5. I could never be bored with your cards hehe.. =) Each one are so adorable and cute.

  6. I love the colors on this card and the image is adorable. I finally got my car back today and took it straight to Michael's LOL. The last couple of days I have been doing a TON of shopping. I just decided I needed a splurg. Bought some new paper lines, an old paper line from G45 but HAD to have it, some tools, some flowers, some washi tape, some bling and I still want to buy some more adhesive. I realized today that I am a scissors and adhesive hoarder, yes yes I am. I have a really obnoxious amount of both. Wow so you got almost 3 months off from cooking!? I am so jealous! I started to hate cooking because my kids wont eat anything. They have no idea what they are missing out on LOL.

  7. I love this card, this makes me think of my sons when they were little minus the braid of course! :p
    I really like how you paper piece, makes the images really pop. Take care and I think it may be time to crack open the cookbook, or order pizza! tee-hee

  8. cute and love the layout my happy, funny friend.

  9. Another lovely card. You made some real beauties! Her paper pieced hat is so sweet.

  10. OMG, your mojo is works 24/7. Such a darling sweet card.

  11. This card is so stinkin' cute!! I love the striped hat and nice coloring job.

  12. Cute card, Tracy. I love that you made the hat to match the paper. You will miss all the cooking that Wayne does.

  13. oh wow-- love the paper piecing on the hat --just way too cute!

  14. Love that paper pieced hat and the cute inside of the card. You always finish the insides up so nice, too.

  15. Cute card - love how you also put the image inside!

  16. I love when my hubby cooks. Funny about the subconscious creativity!

  17. Cute card! Great paper pieced hat!

  18. Oh I love the striped hat and the striped background! So cute!!! Do you keep a notepad by the bed for your late night ideas? I hope Kristy does awesome today, I'm sure she was great yesterday :) Mike is out of town right now...the girls and I had frozen pizza for dinner :)

  19. I love the paper pieced hat! I sometimes jump right out of bed when I think of something I like. AJ used to get freaked out, now he is used to it! I'm glad to hear Kristy had a good first day, I hope she has a great day today too!

  20. She is too cute! Love the paper pieced hat. :)

  21. Super cute card, I love the layout! I just may have to copy that one ;0) I only wish someone else around here would do the cooking :0) Hugs!

  22. Never tired of your cards! Love that you did a paper piecing on this one :) Great idea of a smaller image on the inside to tie it together! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  23. Isn't it nice when someone else does the cooking? I know I could get used to it pretty darn quick!

    I love how you did the pieced hat on this card and the way you did the piece inside too! How stinkin cute did that turn out!! OMGee!

  24. Another cute card! Are there really any "original" ideas left out there??


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