Thursday, February 2, 2012

Not as many treats but lots of eats :) Happy Birthday Wayne

Boy you guys love to see what I buy :)
I had 35 comments on yesterday's post about my  shopping spree, lol.
Sorry today wasn't as exciting for you.

We went to Mall of America and there is only an Archivers there.
I picked up a few things. I wasn't sure if I had bought a certain paper pack yesterday. But because I purchased from an Archivers the teller was able to look at my purchases from yesterday on the computer, even though I bought it from a different one.
Turns out that I had bought it already ;)
She also gave me the coupon through my email ;)

Today was meant for the girls shopping...and well, it was all about the food for me today, lol.
Started it all off with a crepe. I dream of these things :)
This one is banana caramel. 

Next I saw this giant peep. Then went inside and saw this giant peep swimming in chocolate :)

And I came out with these :)

Last but not least we went out for supper.
Today is my hubby Wayne's Birthday, so I treated the family to Red Lobster :)
Here is my meal, the same one I get every time we come here. Love my shrimp.
Hubby got Steak and Lobster.

Time to get all the receipts in order for tomorrow.
So a short post for me as I am now going to warm up my leftovers and have a late night snack ;)

Hope you all had a creative Thursday :)

Tracy :)


  1. Happy Birthday to your husband. Your Red Lobster meal looks delicious. Hope to see more shopping spree post ;)

  2. My mind's eye, maya road! CHOCOLATE COVERED PEEPS! OH MY! Saw your facebook post. Thank you! I know I wish I lived closer too all we would do is eat and scrap LOL. I forgot all about chocolate covered peeps, you know where I'm headed tomorrow. I'll have to hide them from the kids. I hope you have an easy ride home tomorrow.

  3. Safe travels home. Hope Wayne had a great birthday--dinner looks yummy.

  4. Love me some shrimp too! Oh and that yummy crepe....and am smitten with the Maya road pins! Seriously, a whole peeps store?!
    Happy Birthday to your Wayne!

  5. YUM-O, as Rachael Ray would say. That crepe and your dinner looks SOOOOOO yummy. Ummm, ummm, um.

  6. more yummy paper and LOVE THOSE STICK PINS. No fair you always find the good ish!
    Yumm-o on the food girl. I am a creature of habit as well and always get shrimp and steak. LOL the cocoanut shrimp is my favorite.
    Happy Birthday Wayne. a day late but better then never. LOL I remembered and thought of him.

  7. Happy birthday to your hubby! :) I so have to go to mall of america--love peep store.

  8. happy birthday to you wonderful hubby! and oh what a shopping trip!!! sounds like you are having an awesome time!!!

  9. Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband! Glad you are getting to spend time together. Yes, we love to live vicariously through your shopping trips! Red Lobster is one of my husband's favorites, too.

  10. That's cool your guys B-Day is on the 2nd. But it he would be even cooler if he was #1 like me;) YUM, now I'm hungry for RL Shrimp. Oh and I have those 7 Gypsy tags too.

  11. Looks like another fun day! Happy Birthday to your husband.

  12. Mmmm, that all looks so yummy! I'm glad they were able to give you the coupon at Archivers this time. I hope Wayne had a great birthday!

  13. How awesome was THAT Archiver's? The lady yesterday wasn't that nice :) I love those stick pins so much!!!!! The Peeps have me thinking about Easter! Your shrimp looks so delicious!!!

  14. Happy birthday Wayne! Looks like lots of fun. I loooooove food =)

  15. Sounds ike you are having lots of lucky girl...

    I am sitting ironing and taking a wee little break to catch up on everyone's news!

  16. Looks like you had lots of fun. The peeps thing looks so cool! Love the maya road pins, ours stores don't carry those. Good find. Enjoy!

  17. Happy birthday to your hubby! Those shrimp look yummy! I love Red Lobster's chocolate lava cake.

  18. I love my shrimp at Red Lobster and guess what, I get the scampi and the coconut shrimp as well. Can't go wrong with that combo! I love all the paper you purchased yesterday and today, I think paper is my number one scrappy joy lately, (and flowers.)
    Happy Birthday to your husband!

  19. Love love love the stuff you got from Archivers!! May not be much, but excellent choices. I have only been to Mall of America once and that was 9 or 10 yrs ago. Not a peeps fan here, but Alan likes them, although the store looks A-dorable! And you're just torturing me with the photos of that Shrimp Trio meal! Ain't been there in aaaaaaaages!

  20. Ooh, Jeremy loves Red Lobster! We don't go very often as I am not a fan of sea food. Happy Late Birthday to Wayne :0) Hugs!


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