Monday, January 11, 2010

Well I finally took the Christmas Tree down and put away all the Christmas Decorations. I know that most have done this a long time ago. I usually keep it up until Ukrainian Christmas, do I celebrate it? No, but my mother always kept hers up until then (mind you I think mom thought Ukrainian Christmas was in Feb or March) so I guess that is why I do.

Well I made a little craft to hopefully make my life a little easier.
If you have teenagers then you can relate to this.
Me "Why are there dishes on the counter"
Teen or Hubby (whichever) "I didn't know if the dishwasher was clean or not."
Because we all know how hard it is to open the darn thing up and take a peek inside.
So I made these little labels and attached them with velcro to the dishwasher.
Who ever puts the dishwasher on (Me) just has to flip the tag around to show the other side.
Depending on the door of your dishwasher you could use a magnet instead.

Visited my dad in the hospital and he tells me that he is going home some day this week. At least that is what HE says. He is moving around pretty good, but not very far. He lives by himself so he has to be really stable on his feet before they let him go home.

Hubby had to go and write his Air brake part of his licence. Every 5 years he has to write it to keep it update. Of course he passed.

My shows are on tonight. First was House, love that show. It was pretty funny tonight.
Then I watched Intervention, that one really gets to me. But we won't get into why.
Lastly Hoarders. That show makes me feel better about my home LOL. Mind you is it bad when I watch that show I see things that I could use, and I think that they should keep some of the stuff that they get rid of. Like tonight this guy had all these T-shirts that had memories for him. My first thought was make a t-shirt quilt with them.

My family thinks my daughter Heather and I have a touch of OCD. And sometimes I think the same thing, so does she. But we are not hoarders. We just like certain things a certain way, and you better listen. LOL

Hope you all had a good Monday


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  1. Those are really cute! I need to take my tree down. I get so sad that I tend to put it off! LOL! My in-laws were here over the weekend, so I wanted it up for that, but I will take it down this week sometime.


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