Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bright, cold day

Today Ashley, Heather, Wayne and I went to take some pictures. Ashley has a client that wants some seasonal pictures from around town for her web site. So out we went and it was cold. Here is a picture of the Sleeping Giant.
Here is Heather and Ashley climbing a fence to get their shot. Luckily no Security guard came by. Here is Heather getting the perfect shot. And yes that is my mitten in the upper right hand corner of the photo. I never said that I was good at photography LOL. I get what I get and hope for the best.
I have to admit this is a good shot. I did good.
I did good on this one too.
I went to a Stampin' Up party tonight. We did a card make and take. Here is mine. The colours aren't true on the picture here. I have had an on going wish list for Stampin' Up. I had enough sales to make my own party. So I got lots of goodies. Now I can't wait until it comes in.
Hoping to stay home tomorrow and maybe get some sewing done, I want to make another purse. But we will see what tomorrow brings.

Hope you all had a nice Saturday.



  1. Great pictures! I'd love to live somewhere where there is snow all winter long. Seriously.

  2. LOVE your bridge photo, you did good!

  3. LOVE that bridge photo!! Beautiful! The card is cute, too!


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