Saturday, January 23, 2010

Reading Journal

Well I have finally finished my Reading Journal. Actually I made two of them. One for me and one for my friend Debbie. We both love to read.
Now my daughter Ashley wants one and she said I should make some for Heather and Kristy as they all love to read as well.
I actually got the idea from a Shop called Sweet Pea. The one I saw wasn't as cute though teehee. Of course when I saw it and saw the price I thought Oh I could make that. As I always do.
Then I saw someone on the 2 Peas site made one and Shimelle Laine supplied the journal cards. Of course I had to one up it. I got Ashley to make these ones for me so I could use my bind it all.
I wish I knew how to post a site on here so I could share the ones that she had.

Here are mine.

I think that I will keep the purple one.
Debbie can have the blue one.
Oh I forgot I wanted to add some ribbon on the spine with a charm at the end of it.

This is the inside of the front cover.
I also bought Debbie this stamp.
She can stamp the inside of her books with it.
I am also going to make a book mark to match the journal.
This is the inside of the book. I inked all the edges, front and backs of the page. Then I stamped on the backs of the pages. I take pictures of the books that I finish, so I could put a little picture of it on the facing page.
The original pages only had the Title and Author.
I got Ashley to make these pages from scratch (I gave her the measurements) and added the rest of the information. If you can't read it just click on the image, it will show it bigger.
What else did I do today. Kristy wanted to go to the mall to buy some more head bands, she also wanted to buy an IPOD dock, with her Christmas money.
Then we had to go and get toilet paper. We only had 1 roll left. You can't imagine how much TP we go through with 4 women in the house. LOL.
We should buy shares in it.
Well Kristy is at her friends house and it is time for me to pick her up.
Have a good weekend.


  1. Hi, found your blog while on Twipply Skwood - really like it, I'll be back.
    Love the reading journal. I have to make one for my mother.

  2. Oh they are beautiful! i need one of those!!

  3. What a fabulous gift! I like the idea of giving the journal with a stamp!
    We buy TP in bulk at our place...I start to get panicky when we are down to our last dozen rolls LOL


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