Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Glitter Everywhere

Today was a busy day considering I didn't get as much done as I wanted.
Kristy had an exam today, so we drove her there and then did some errands while she took her exam. Now we weren't sure how long her exam would be. So we came home. Wouldn't you know it. She phoned for us to pick her up as soon as we walked in the front door.

Then we went to visit Hubby's dad and his wife for a bit. As it turned out we spent a good part of the afternoon there.
I did a bit of work and that was about it.
And then it was time for The Biggest Loser. OH YA.

I did do a card tonight.
I was on Dawns Stamping Thoughts and saw this card. I thought it was so pretty and sparkly.
Now I don't do Valentines cards but seeing her card I may have changed my mind.
What I did was cut a strip of white paper and punch the hearts out with a punch.
Put tape behind the strip of hearts. It has to be clear tape. I used packing tape.
Sprinkle fine glitter on the sticky side of the tape.
Adhere the white CS to purple CS.
Adhere that to your card.
I then took a strip of white CS and embossed it with clear sparkle embossing powder and embossed it.
Then punched out hearts and adhered the white hearts with mini pop dots.
Lastly I stamped my "cherish" sentiment.
If you didn't notice (of course I have to point it out) I messed up on my stamping. I wanted to share this card tonight and didn't have time to make another one. So just over look it this time.
I have never worked with powdered glitter before and let me tell you that stuff is Messy with a capital M (see the capital M). I have glitter every where. Now I know why I only use glitter glue. I don't think embossing powder is this messy.
But it does look pretty eh?
Have a good Tuesday.


  1. Great job! I would have never noticed the blotch if you did not point it out. It still looks great.

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I can understand you being a proud mommy - my mom's the same way!!

  3. The shiny hearts look wonderful! Great card!!!

  4. Love the glittery hearts. I LOVE glitter! :)


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