Friday, January 22, 2010

I got the Music in me

Have you ever woken up with a song in your head. I do all the time. Usually it is a song that I have on my Shuffle when I go on the treadmill. But this morning it was an old one that I haven't heard for a really, really long time.
De Do Do Do De Da Da Da, from The Police. Now I may be dating myself but that's OK as this was an awesome band.
I still have a t-shirt of them, its funny because my daughters friends and others have seen me wear it and they are like "Cool, Vintage." The funny thing is it really is vintage. Its the same one I had back in the day, I just didn't want to wear it out as I loved it so much.

Today I slept in. Nice. My youngest has exams and today she didn't have one so she didn't have to be at school. So we all slept in. Oops not hubby, he was at work teehee.
So I went on the treadmill
Took a shower
brought Ashley to Staples
Picked up dad groceries
Dropped off groceries at dads
Made that I mean ordered pizza
took Kristy and her friends to rent a movie

THEN I got to scrapbook with my girlfriend Debbie and SIL +friend Sharon. Well 1st I took in Debbie's dress pants that girl has lost some weight.
I worked on my Reading Journal.
Ashley has been working on the inside pages for me. They turned out awesome. I am inking the edges and stamping the back side of them.
Hopefully I will be finished tomorrow to share with you all.

Just wanted to share pic of our cat thinking that she is the head of the household.

Hope Friday was an awesome day for everyone.



  1. You and I must be close to the same age. I remember that song well. :) I think we have the same kitchen table, too!

  2. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love the picture of your cat- our cats think they run the house too!


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