Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lost and Found

Yesterday my youngest daughter went to the mall with her friends and did a bit of shopping. Well as they were eating in the food court her bag tipped over. Apparently one of the shopping bags fell out of the main one and no body noticed.
So Kristy came home a bit bummed that she lost her new shirt and a hair band. It was only a 10.00 purchase but still a bummer.
Well Ashley and I went to the mall today and I was going to repurchase her shirt and hairband but thought maybe I will try the lost and found. Ashley was like "It won't be there, no body would have returned it."

Well guess what they had it.

But it cost me even more. Ashley and I did the mall and I found a cute coat. It was on sale. Regular price was 89.50, sale price was 53.70. 3 buttons were missing (there were extra on the tag so I just had to sew them on) so I inquired about the missing buttons so they took even more off so I got the coat for 43.04. Pretty good eh?

Oh ya and Ashley found a sweater that she liked as well it was almost the same price as my coat, crazy eh?

I see my Canadian accent is coming out.

I also bought my dad a new pair of slippers as his old ones were part of the reason for his fall.

Ashley met a couple of friends from college for lunch today, Michelle and Cory. Cory's mom Barbara and I have been talking via Facebook but have never met in person. So we all met for lunch today at Applebees. Her daughter Karissa was there too. I think we may do it again when they come back in town.

Here we are from left to right. Me, my daughter Ashley, Michelle, Cory, Karissa and Barbara.

My daughter Ashley and her friend Michelle.

I made this tutorial today. It took me forever to post the pictures in the right order. Sometime my pictures disappear. I don't know, I will figure it out while I go.

Went to the grocery store as Ashley and Kristy plan on making a big brunch for us tomorrow. That sounds good to me.
So all in all today was a good day. Found something that was Lost, had a good lunch, met a new friend and spent time with my daughter.

Hope you are having a good weekend.

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  1. Sounds like a great shopping day! Love it when I get a good deal!


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