Monday, February 8, 2010

Photo Organizing

My list didn't get complete today, don't you hate when that happens.
I phoned around for some chipboard. No one had any. I called the Thunder Bay bookbinding and guess what they don't call it chipboard. They call it book board. And he says he buys it by the ton.
I went down there and brought a sample of mine. He had the same stuff and sold me a 3ft x 3ft piece for $7.00. I think that was a good deal, wasn't it? He would have cut it any size or sizes I wanted. I just asked him to cut it in half so it would be easier to take home.
I cut the cover for my paper bag album, but that is as far as I got today.

I don't have any crafts to share with you, so here are some pictures of my organizing. Here is how I store my photographs.The first 2 albums are those old sticky back albums. I know I have to take them out of there and put them in a sleeve album. The next few are special albums the rest are by the year. I would love for them all to be in matching albums. Can you tell when we got our digital camera. I don't think that too many of our digital photos are in albums as we take to many photos and can't keep up.
I had most of my double photos and digital photos in these photo boxes. I also had many packs of photos in various places. So I gathered them all up and put them all together. I then organized them all by year. Some of these photos were my mom's. When she passed away my dad gave me all their photos.
Here are all photos nicely organized. I just used the photo envelopes that you get when you get them developed. I just cut the tops off and stored them in there with the month and year written on the front.

Hope Monday was a good beginning of the week for you.



  1. You're an organizational freak, just like me!!! :) I blogged about organizing my acrylic/unmounted stamps Happy Tuesday!

  2. Good for u.. u accomplished alot! Way to go!

  3. Great job! I love digital photos, but have the same issue. Just too many photos to keep up with. If you find a solution for that please share.


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