Saturday, February 13, 2010

Home Town Pride.

There has been a video going around facebook. It is a local teen that wrote a song about his home town, which happens to be my hometown. I was really impressed with the lyrics, music and the video.

My oldest daughter went to school with his homey. Ya I know I'm with it ah ite, that means "alright" for my peeps out there that ain't with it.LOL
But seriously when I saw this video my heart swelled with pride. The bridge in the video is the one I took pictures of last week and shared on here.

Today we were suppose to take hubby out for his B Day dinner. He wasn't feeling to well. He thought it was allergies buy nope he has a cold. The girls were disappointed. But then I explained to them that daddy will be dripping snot in his food. Then they were a bit compassionate. So I went to Applebees and brought home our dinner. So it was a win, win situation. We all got to eat Applebees and Wayne could leave the table to blow his nose whenever he wanted. Ya just thought that I would share.

I think I may have a touch of his cold as well. I have been so tired. I have been on the couch most of the day. I was going to work on my mini mini album but I didn't have the energy. I ran out of tape and was to lazy to go downstairs and get some more. I know that is so pathetic.

Hope you were more ambitious than I was on this Saturday.



  1. We had Applebees yesterday, too! LOL!!

    Haven't clicked on the video yet...but don't you just love it when your hometown is featured in something like that? Very cool.

    Hope your hubby gets better and that you're not coming down with his cold. Colds are icky.

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  3. Hi Tracy,

    I hope your hubby is better (and you too). I just recently found your blog and thought I would say HI!

    I watched the video, that was a good video and song. He is very talented. I enjoyed it. I have read some other posts and watched some other tutorial videos from you, so very neat!

    Your paper pretties are so very inspiring. Have a great day!



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