Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just another Tuesday.

Nothing special happened today. I had to do my dad's banking and get him groceries.
When I got to his apartment he looked so lost. So I asked him whats the matter dad.
He tells me that he lost his remote for the TV. And you know like most men, it is an extension of their hand. So I searched his recliner, checked down the sides, down the back and underneath the chair. Couldn't find it anywhere.
So I searched the whole apartment, which isn't that big by the way. Nope nowhere. I jokingly asked him if he took it to bed with him, like a kid takes their blankie. He just rolled his eyes at me.
So I went to the kitchen and made him 4 sandwiches (so he wouldn't have to during the week as he is still sore). Then I cleaned the kitchen.
He disappeared into his bedroom so I thought he was going for a nap. About 5 minutes I hear "I found it".
"Where was it". I ask. He quietly answers "In my bed." LOL. "I guess you wanted to change the channel in your dreams eh?" I joked. The funny thing is he doesn't even have a TV in his bedroom.

Well I will post some of my scrap/craft organizing. Here is some of my tiny embellishments that I organized. I keep them in this pull out drawer.

I dumped out all the lovely pretties and took them out of the packaging. There sure is a lot of packaging on these little things.

I bought these tiny cups with lids from the dollar store. I think you got 6 in a package, and it was 2 packages for $1.00. I separated the embellishments by colour. I then put them in my pull out drawer upside down as the lids are not as clear. Ohhh look at all that pretty eye candy.

This is my second drawer. I have some stuff in packaging as I haven't totally finished. Oh ya and I decorated the outside of the drawer like my other ones.

Hope your Tuesday was more exciting then mine. As in good exciting.



  1. What a good daughter you are!
    As far as organizing my scrapbooking stuff - I think I actually spend more time doing that than creating!

  2. oh love the jars. I will have to check my store out :O)


  3. Love how you sorted that out by color. Looks yummy!

    Funny about your dad taking his remote to bed with him...heehee.

  4. Tracy Thanks for the visit and comment in my blog, appreciate !

  5. Your supplies look like candy...all colorful! And the remote story is so funny!

  6. I love how yummy everything looks in your new containers! Great job. :)


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