Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Video gone wrong

Today I looked after a friend's (hi Crystal) little boy (hi Matthew). He is such a cutie. We were looking out the window at tracks in the snow. He asked what they were from. I replied maybe a bird or a squirrel. He tried to convince me they were dinosaur tracks. Then laughed at me when I pretended to be scared. Oh to be so young and imaginative.

I made a video on how I bound my mini, mini album. A couple of people have asked me how I did it. And since I am a visual person, plus I can't explain myself to save my life. I thought it would be easier to show you. Well I uploaded it to Youtube and I have audio but not visual. So much for that. Then I tried to upload it again and it was over an hour into it and I clicked the back arrow and it got canceled, Urggg. I will try again tomorrow. I need sleep.

I had to get my dad groceries today. So when I got there I made him about 8 sandwiches so he wouldn't have to make them and when he is sore he can just take one out of the fridge. He is really sore again. It just breaks my heart.

I did work on my mini today. I just have to finish the cover and then I will share it. I also cleaned up my dining room, we could eat at that table if we wanted to LOL.

Lets hope you had a wonderful Tuesday.



  1. Your title is perfect, the names of both my children are the same as your friends names. Crystal is my oldest and Matthew is just 8. I am a friend of Cat in the Grass and thought I would check out your site since she just can't stop talking about you.

  2. Tracy, they weren't bird tracks....they weren't dinosaur tracks....they were DRAGON tracks! My little friend "Jewel" was visiting your way. ;)

    Sorry your little project didn't work out. I have to give you a pat on the back, however...since I've never even TRIED a video.

    Hope your daddy is feeling better soon. Sucks to see someone you love in pain. :(

  3. Ooo, I'm looking forward to your video! How exciting! I've never done one and I'm so impressed with folks who have. :) Of course I LOVE mini albums, so I'm double excited to see your video! :)

  4. I keep thinking I should make some little vids with my Flip on various things... - I just have to work out how to keep myself out of it *LOL*... just show the important bits!

    Sorry to hear about your Dad :-(

  5. Hope you find it and I'm sorry to hear about your dad:(
    Thanks for visiting my blog earlier!


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