Saturday, October 26, 2013

Someone Help Me, I have a flat tire ;)

Wayne and I wanted to go out early this morning and pick up a new chandelier for the dining room as ours got fried yesterday.
And woke up to this......
Wayne asked me to help him change the tire.
My response "Screw that, I'll phone CAA", lol.
Being the man that he is, he was going to change it himself...whatever, Mr. Man...I'm going inside, lol.

As it turned out he couldn't get the rim off as the aluminium rims oxidized against the steal....or something like that.
We didn't have anything to get it off with.
So I called in the Big Guns...CAA ;)
The CAA guy used a 4x4 to pound the tire off as he said the rim could shatter if a sledge hammer was used.
We brought the tire in to get repaired. Hopefully it will be done on Monday.
Everyone in the city is getting their winter tires on, so all the tire places are pretty busy.

When I saw that our tire was flat I couldn't help but tease Wayne by saying (in a Australian accent)  "Someone Help me, I have a flat tire"  I was amused by myself, not sure if he was, lol.
If you are unfamiliar with why I did that watch this commercial :)
Geico Gecko Commercial

After dropping the tire off, Wayne wanted to visit Ashley and Sebastien as he hasn't met him yet.
As you can see, Ashley has covered up her new beautiful couch since getting Sebastien.

Then we went shopping for lights.
One thing I hate about light shopping, is I usually get a migraine and feel nauseous from looking at all the lights.

Here is our new chandelier :)
I have to say putting this up was NOT a bonding experience for Wayne and I, lol.
Not only did we change the light, but we also changed the light switch.
I think it blew as well when the light popped.
Wayne just said to me....I think your scrapping friends will like gives off a nice bright light ;)

I hope you enjoyed my day in photos and hope you got to create today.
I was hoping to finish my layouts from yesterday....but ran out of time.
They say everything happens in 3' I wonder what my 3rd mishap will be?

Tracy :)


  1. Sorry about te tire! Thank goodness for CAA. I have AAA down here and it has come in handy several times. I like your new light. Sorry you don't get to create today.

  2. I looooove that commercial! And I say AAA rocks and have used them too many times to count. Your chandelier looks fabulous as well.


  3. CAA/AAA fans here too! ;)

    Beautiful new light.

  4. Glad you got it sorted. Love the new light!

  5. Beautiful chandelier and lots of light is a big bonus for scrapbooking time. Good laugh on the 'not a bonding experience.' We've had a few of those. Ha!

  6. Great new light, Sebastian is adorble and CAA is great although my daughter used all her calls before the end of the year. Since we don't do gifts at Christmas, just stockings, we buy all the drivers in the family CAA for Christmas, it fits in the stocking lol.

  7. I hope your mishaps ended with two :) Men, what are we going to do with them? Hope your tire is ready Monday. Sebastian is so handsome.

  8. Hmm, I think we are the king and queen of flat tires! I believe my very first blog entry was about a flat! In the time I have known dh, we have had about 8 flats. I do not EVER remember my dad have a flat, lol! I like your new fixture!

  9. I love your chandelier so pretty!

  10. That stinks about the tire! I'm glad CAA was there to help! I never try to change anything on my car, I always call AAA

    The chandelier is beautiful. And the light is very very bright! That should be great for scrapping!

  11. PS. When I saw your title, I totally read it in a very drastic Australian accent!

  12. Your Wayne is totally awesome! Giving it his all to change the flat tire, although it was stuck on tight. Getting the new chandelier changed out and remarking that your scrapbook friends would like the new and brighter light.

    You, my friend, are one "Tool Belt Diva" to get in there and get the job done. Me....I'd be whimpering in a corner lamenting over getting shocked to death by the wiring in the switch.

    It didn't occur to me that people with migraine troubles would have an onset by looking up at the lights. I'm sorry that you suffer with those bad headaches.

    Hugs to you my friend - Leslie

  13. Getting into a catastrophic tire failure is one thing that you wouldn't want to experience while you're on the road. But coming across such an incident is really inevitable sometimes. Your lucky to have those guys. And actually, it wasn't really that awful for your part because you weren't alone that time. You managed to laugh off the incident with Wayne, at the very least.

    Jamie Ladson @Georgetown Exxon

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