Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween and Octobers Tim Holtz Challenge tag

Happy Halloween.....aren't I pretty ;)
Yes that is me ;)

Ok, be prepared for a long, picture heavy post.

I have finally finished the Tim Holtz challenge tag for October.
I was so excited to do this tag, as I love everything to do with Halloween.
I had even made a sketch for this tag on October 1st. But if you know me, I am such a procrastinator, to the extent that I forget to do something.
That is what happened with October's Tag.

Do you like the zombie...that was an after thought, lol.

Here is the actual tag.

I was pretty excited as Tim's focus this month was using his Distress Glitter.
When I was on my last creative shopping trip, I made sure I picked up some black distress glitter, with this project in mind :)
I painted the chipboard, added glossy accent to adhere the Glitter.
It wasn't until I completed all this, that I realized I had Distress embossing powder....NOT distress glitter. I was pretty upset...but I think I made it work anyway.

The first tree and fence, I forgot to ink the chipboard with distress ink, before adding the glitter...or should I say embossing powder, as I bought the wrong stuff ;(
The second set I added the black distress ink before adding the embossing powder.
I like the second set more.

I used the Distress paint to colour the background of the tag.
I am still not getting the correct technique as Tim Holtz does...but I'm still figuring it out.
I do like how this did turn out though ;)

I wanted to make a moon for this tag.
So what I did was ink up some white paper with a distress ink that I thought would work.
Then I punched out a circle (which I discarded), then punched another circle, but only punched part of the paper, to get this half moon shape.

I wanted to use this piece of ribbon for the tag, as it has bats on it, but it was too bright. So I used a dark brown distress stain to darken the ribbon.

As I mentioned above, I purchased a distress embossing powder instead of the distress glitter.
Even though I did like look of the embossing powder, I wanted the glitter. So I added some black glitter glue onto the embossing powder to the fence.

I also stamped script writing to the background.
Those tiny bats were punched and then cut out of the Martha Stewart's fence punch.
Here is my tag...all done and finished.

But what kind of a zombie lover would I be not to add one to the October's tag, lol.
So what do you think...tag with or without the zombie?
Here is Kristy's pumpkin all carved out.
It is a tiger if you can't tell.
It was a very intricate design.

Here is Wayne's carved pumpkin.
It is a zombie hand coming out of the ground. The ground didn't show up in the photo that well.

I hope you all had a safe, warm and wonderful Halloween.
If you were lucky to get a bit creative as well ;)

Tracy :)


  1. OMG I lib the Zombie. Very you and very scary! I almost deleted your blog! Your photo is freaky! I'm happy you got you tag done just in time. Now that's cutting it close. Enjoy your Zombiethon.

  2. I think you need to include the zombie on the tag. It seems to complete it. Kristy did an awesome job with her pumpkin!

  3. First of all you are a fabulously scary Zombie...Now on to crafty things... lol

    Kirsty could be a professional pumkin carver. I would so hire her...I do a lot of decorations for Halloween but I am hopeless at carving and so is DH. We have a precarved sorry looking pumpkin! lol

    I would leave the zombie on the tag...I really like it there! Great Tag.

  4. Hey you are pretty spooky:):)
    Love the tags and the pumpkin!!!!

  5. The tiger is awesome! And the zombie totally finished the tag!

  6. This tag is a work of art - and you are one scary lady in that first picture.

  7. Love your tag! The distress items works so well. Mistakes turn into discoveries sometimes! LOL
    Love all your carved pumpkins too. Looks like you guys had a fabulous Halloween!!

  8. Your tag is great, the distress embossing powder worked great, the pumpkins are awesome. We had a warm and wet Halloween and not near as many children as other years.

  9. I'm glad you don't really look like that, otherwise I would have to run run run away :-) Love the tag and your fence looks fabulous. Great way to do the moon! TFS and have a great weekend.

  10. Um, definitely WITH the zombie :) this tag is one of my favorites you have made! Amazing job!! So much detail, that's why it takes you until the end of the month to finish ;). Kristy's pumpkin is awesome! I knew hers was the tiger :) no pumpkin from Heather?

  11. That looks so great!! I really love all the texture going on. And the zombie is great!

  12. Great Halloween post! The tag looks awesome with the zombie!

  13. The zombie is a must! Such great detail in your tag, very cool!

  14. Love your Halloween makeup - awesome! Great tags too :)

  15. What a great look, so real looking. The tag just had to have the zombie. I have just this minute finished watching episode 3 of season 4 of walking dead, omg it's getting good.
    Have a good weekend
    Tracy x

  16. What a great look, so real looking. The tag just had to have the zombie. I have just this minute finished watching episode 3 of season 4 of walking dead, omg it's getting good.
    Have a good weekend
    Tracy x

  17. Lovely Halloween makeup:D

    Your tags are fabulous too:D:D


  18. I love the tag both ways!

    I'm sorry you bought the wrong thing. The embossing powder is very cool though!

    You make a very scary zombie!

    I love the pumpkins! Kristy's is so intricate, very impressive!


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