Thursday, February 17, 2011

Happy mail and a yummy photo

I opened some happy mail today from Pea :)

If you want to check out the treasures she sent me you can check it out on my YouTube channel here. TracysTreasures24 .
I got a card in the mail to pick up a parcel. I thought it was one thing, then when I went to the post office to pick it up, it was something else.
Ohhhh I love happy mail :)

Here is a photo that my daughter, Ashley took of the goodies she put inside her boyfriends Valentine's Tin.I love her photography. She hasn't had time to do it as much, which makes me sad. I love to look at her photo's. I believe its her passion.
If you want to see some of her work, go here for your viewing pleasure. Ashley's Photo's.

Onto My Day:

I went out with my SIL Sharon, Wayne's sister. We went for lunch at Applebees then to Michael's to use up our 50% off coupon. I think we did some damage there.
We both used our coupons on Martha Stewart's around the edge punches :)
That took up most of the day.
Funny last night when I told hubby that I was going out with Sharon to use the coupons. He said, I'd go to Michael's with you. Then he said... what am I going to do all day while you are gone. Teehee, he can be so cute.

Also last night I received 2 emails about posting a giveaway on my blog. It is something big!! And by a reputable company.
This is a personal blog. I have never done give aways (besides my own), or posted give aways by others.
If there is a give away I will enter it, but I don't jump through hoops to enter.
Those that do that are fine, I am not dissing them. My blog is just a personal one.
So I was really thinking about this last night, if you know me, then you know I over think everything.
For one thing, this give away is awesome....if you win. It is only open to Canadians which is one in a million.
So what do think? Should I post it.
I did ask for more information.

Thankful Thursday:
1. Happy Mail :)
2. Spending time with a friend
3. Lunch out
4. Shopping
5. All of my blog followers

What are you Thankful for today.



  1. I love Ashley's photography, she is very talented. I love those martha stewart punches. I say go ahead and try the giveaway, what is the harm in it right?

  2. Ashley's photos are so beautiful. She should be working for some big magazine somewhere. She has the eye for it. Wish I had just a little bit of that.
    You are so funny and yes correct. Those scissors scared me half to death! LOL you will like it though I think. I hope. Yes, I remembered it was your favorite color and you needed hitches. Just the little things and it made you smile. That was the purpose of it.

  3. Ashley's photo would make a gorgeous pendant. I looked at her photos the other day. She is very talented! Her pics were warm and comforting, if that makes sense.

    I'd post the giveaway, if the company is legit and you said it is. You are becoming more famous by the day my dear.

    I am thankful for finding a wonderful doctor. For a husband who drives me around and puts up with me being a goober. I am thankful for my wonderful son and beautiful doggies :). Off to check out your YT video.

    Hubby asked me if I wanted to stop by Michael's after my dr appt, and I actually said no. Very strange indeed.

  4. oh my -- i love your daughter's picture! i would love to take photos like that! that is talent! love it!

    try the giveaway--i tried it once and it wasn't bad. they didnt give me anything and the person that won said she loves her stuff--so go for it!!!

  5. Awesome picture, i'm having trouble taking good ones of my cards, if you have any tips that would be great....Thanks for the comments on my blog...I went with promarkers because they are very similar to copics. The only difference that i came across online is copic has brush tip and the promarker has a rigid tip. I ordered my promarkers at 1.50 each through the states but had to mail to my aunt in florida who sent them on to me. What's with that eh? no delivery to canada....huff...I love them. I was able to afford 80 colors this time and want the rest. Copics were way too out of my price range to get any volume at one time. I just had to have more than a few colors to choose from. Hope this helps. kim

  6. Ashley's boyfriend's tin looks yummy, thanks for adding me to your blog award, off for a look at your utube channel x

  7. That is an awesome picture, you are kind to give Ashley credit and not claim it as your own, lol.

  8. Tracy,
    Your daughters photos are really nice. Hubby bought me a "fancy" camera so I can take phots of nature, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I am working on it though.
    I would say do the giveaway, like you said, it is only for Canada, which in itself is rare
    Go for it sweetie
    Have a great weekend

  9. Wow, Ashley is so talented!!!! It's amazing to me how much time I can spend in Michaels. I see something different every time I go in there!

  10. What a great little package you received in the mail. Do you have Tim Holtz's scissors???? They are the best. They cut through everything and anything.
    I love Ashleys's photo-will have to check her site out. My Cait takes awesome photos too- she once inspired to be a photographer, but realized she would rather have it has a hobby and a creative outlet, rather than a profession. Those cookies look pretty yummy.
    How is Kristy's friend doing??? My heart bleeds for her losing her mum so young.
    I am off to Michaels today to have a look around too
    Fighting a head cold.
    Have a wonderful Friday. The weekend is here!

  11. Ashley's photos are beautiful - very creative!

  12. I say, go with your gut on the give away...but it does seem pretty cool that they contacted you (your a rock star!), a real nice compliment in my book!

  13. I just watched your video (happy mail) and you are sooo right, the $1 bottles of glitter glue don't compare to Stickles! I love those Stickles! And if you get the chance, try Ranger's Enamel Accents (I got mine in a two pack at Michael - one each black and white)...the black enamel accents are really fun to use!

  14. Sounds like you had a great day compared to the one before! How can you go wrong with shopping at Micheal's? ;)

    Too bad I can't enter your give-away, but that's OK, so many Canadians aren't able to win things here in the US.

    The main things I am Thankful for are my God, my family, my health, my friends & wonderful crafting inspiration - and hopefully a new & better job for my hubby!

  15. Tracy I found the pattern of those butterflies:
    you can follow the photos......
    kisses from Brazil

  16. I say go for it (not eligable as am in the US)! Too many times things are open only to people in the US and the Canadians are left out. Love your daughers photography! She is definately talented!

  17. Love your daughter's photography. She's got mad skillz. :)

    Yes, do the giveaway! People love giveaways. Nice to see that one is open to Canadians. Too often, they get the shaft.

  18. Your daughters photos are fantastic!! She is very good and has a great eye.

    Sounds like you had a great day. :)


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