Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A bit of organizing.

I have a problem.
I love to organize.
In order to keep organizing I have to mess things up, so in time I can re-organize them.
Yup its a illness.
Here is my drawer that I keep all my office supplies in.
What a mess eh?
Here it is all nice and tidy.
So pretty.
This just makes me happy and puts a smile on my face :)
Tomorrow the tiny vacuum closet ;) Onto My Day:

Today was errand day. Hubby and I did our banking, renewed our CAA membership and then went grocery shopping.
What is it about grocery shopping that I hate.
Besides the price.
Hubby pushes the cart. That's fine. But when I go to get a grocery product he walks away.
Hello I want to put this in the cart that your pushing away from me.

Hubby cooked up some more meatballs. We are going to freeze them. I have to get him to do a lot of cooking that could be frozen. You know he has to go back to work at the end of this month, and we need some meals.....so I don't have to cook, shhhhhh, teehee.

Proud Tuesday:
1. I didn't drink as much pop (Coke) today. The darn coke machine only had diet left :(
2. Re-organized my office supply drawer
3. Shoveled the steps and walkway.

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. Tracy,
    Your drawer looks great. I am always rearranging things. One day the coffee pot is next to the sink, the next day it is buy the stove. LOL. It gets a lil worse "once a month" when I am going thru a cleaning phase. I have always been like that, and think I always will.

  2. I am so there on the organizing. I love to organize. So if I love it so much why can't I keep it that way? LOL

    I don't much care for grocery shopping myself either. But my husband ALWAYS goes with me. I am lucky that way. BUT he is to nice. Me, I just go straight through the aisles. I excuse myself and keep going. He can not do that. He's to afraid of the other ladies in the aisles. I am always at the other end by the time he makes it half way down. LOL.

    Hope the rest of the month goes by slowly for the two of you. Sounds like you enjoy each others company. I am sure you will miss him when he goes back to working everyday.

    Catch you tomorrow. Guess I should go and write something on my blog. I don't know if I would ever have enough to say something everyday like you though.


  3. You are such a neat freak!! I love you! xoxox

  4. Well I wish I could say I love to organize. I actually hate it because I struggle with it so. I want it that way, want to keep it that way. I do believe if it was just me here, it would stay that way. Unfortunately I have 2 other folks in the house that don't feel it is necessary to be/stay organized. Really? I DO!! It makes it easier on me. That is why they don't care.:(
    Hubby cooked today too. Made split pea/ham hock soup. I can take it or leave it but it was good. Not my favorite really.
    We watched Secretariat. I love that movie and all horse related films. It was very nice.
    I worked on a little re-do piece for the studio. Pics tomorrow.

  5. If organizing is an illness, then we both have the same disease. Your before and after pictures bring a tear of happiness to my eye.

  6. Neat! I should do some organizing too.

  7. You are such a good woman getting this done! I need to work on organizing the big stuff, myself. It's so hard for me to get things done while the hubs is laid off from work. :(

    I don't know if you meet all the requirements, but I read the Graphic 45 is looking for new DT members.... here's the link if you're interested: http://g45papers.typepad.com/graphic45/2011/02/graphic-45-design-team-call-yes-its-finally-happening.html
    However, you have to have 10-15 projects using their product ~ that's a lot of projects! I don't know if you have that many done or want to get that many done, but I loved your mini, so I thought you had a great chance for this! somethin' to think about! ;)

  8. I "heart" organizing! Like your clean drawer complete with organizer trays.

  9. i love to organize too. I just can't seem to find the time to do it. With the summer off I usually tackle on room a week and just go through everything and then by the end of summer the entire house is done--we then have a year to mess it all up again so that i can reorganize again--a crazy cycle!

  10. Very nice! I only like organizing when I get to buy neat contraptions.

  11. I love to organize, too - love opening a drawer to find it neat and tidy!

  12. Ah, a girl after my own heart! The never ending cycle of organize, mess up, organize again is fine by me. I'd be bored otherwise. Hehehe. :)

  13. I'm right there with ya on the organizing! I could spend hours and hours organizing my house or even other's people's homes. I even go through clean and reorganize my work desk every week or so! I love it!!

    Your drawer looks fabulous!! :)

  14. If you want to come visit me, I'll let you organize everything I own!! Pinky swear!

  15. Tracy! You are too funny! We should change homes! I have three kids who will happily unorganize for you! LOL! Or maybe we could trade organization for home cooked meals!

  16. I love to organize too and buy stuff to organize with! Mike and I use to go to the grocery store every week together, now he stays home with the girls so I can go.

  17. Tracy, you are outting my scrap room pics to shame lol, but at leats my room is clean again. Hate grocery shopping as well and hubby usually does it, but my beautiful niece and her boyfriend have just bought their first home and are moving tomorrow so have bought them a few things and now am going to grocery for her to get all the kitchen things she will need like sugar and flour etc so when she unpacks she will have food to put in containers. This is their first home out of both their families homes so big thing for them,. Well better get to the shops and start shopping...Have a great day Tracy

  18. I am only good at the messing things up part...LOL Your drawer looks great and it's nice to be able to put your hand on what you need right away. I feel your pain about grocery shopping with the DH. I feel like I spend half the time trying to track him down. Yet, if we are in a craft or bookstore he follows me around as if he would get attacked by something hiding in one of the aisles.

  19. Oh I wish I could buy you a plane ticket so you can help me organize! I need help! As for grocery shopping, I don't really like it either. Everytime I looked, we were going to the grocery store as a kid, so now I think I'm burntout from the whole experience, lol.


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