Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Wayne, and some Foil Tags.

1st I want to wish my hubby a Happy Birthday!!!!
I did a quick video today on something I wanted to try. Metal or Foil Tags. After I made the video I thought about maybe using my xyron and heavy tin foil?
Grrrrr. Blogger or YouTube won't me post my video. It keeps cutting out. So if you want to watch it, click on YouTube channel.
Day 28 of 31 days of video's.
Onto My Day:
I worked all day today. Almost done :)
Like I said it was Hubby's Birthday today. He got to spend the first part of it at the dentist.
We wouldn't let him open any of his gifts until Ashley got home from work during her lunch break.
He loved his gifts.
In our family, when it's your birthday you get to pick which restaurant you want to eat at. I had to keep reminding him that it was his birthday and it was his choice. He kept thinking of foods that the girls liked or didn't like.
Well he finally decided on The Prospector. It is a local steak house. The meat is local, and hubby loves it. I love the salad bar and their dinner buns, so yummy.

I wanted to get a photo of Wayne and his girls :)
This is what I ended up with :)
Everything is a big joke with them. They took the tiny chocolate squares off the cake, to put in their teeth :)
I wonder why we don't have a decent family picture, lol.

Light post tonight. I need my sleep. Working with numbers all day tires my brain.

Hope you had a creative Wednesday.



  1. Those tags are beautiful. Will have to try this soon!

  2. Happy birthday to hubby. Ha ha we do you get to pick thing too.
    On the mini with no matching papers. Do you KNOW that the mini I made for my best friend had no matching papers. Not one was the same line. They were all pattern papers in her favorite colors. so it can be done. I am sure you are like the rest of us. You pick colors of papers that are in the same family just no the same maker. I have a ton of aqua colors and browns. all different. See so you are stressing over nothing.
    I trust ya and don't hate me for it.;)
    the tags are awesome.!

  3. Happy belated birthday from me to Wayne, off to watch the video x

  4. happy birthday to your hubby! it looks like everyone had a wonderful time!

  5. Happy Birthday to your hubby! I love the tags.
    Thanks for sharing

  6. Love the foil tags. Looks like it was a great birthday.

  7. Happy b-day to Wayne (a day late) That picture is too funny! I must be a dumbass, I clicked on foil tags and it took me to my blogger sign in. Am I doing something wrong?

  8. very nice and sometimes it not nice to be decent...I love the group picture...

  9. WOW That cake looks so yummy! And I love the picture of your girls and their dad! It's so cute!! :)

  10. love the tags especially the birdcage, lovely work Tracey/

  11. What a fun family photo, it's nice to have something that makes you smile.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  12. Hi Tracy,
    Happy birthday to your hub! I just wanted to tell you there is a fantastic bloghop at this site:

    It's a great way to show off your wonderful creations and checkout new blogs you wouldn't normally see..
    Have a look :)
    Lynn x

  13. I love your crazy family!!! Happy Birthday, Wayne!!!

  14. Okay, I finally got to watch the video (the girls are in bed!) Those tags are WAY cool! I'm feeling compelled to buy that bird cage die... and I see a trip to the hardware store in my near future!

  15. This is fun. I've put heavy duty foil through my cuttlebug but of course it does not have the adhesive backing. The next time I'm at the home improvement store, I'll look for that stuff. It looks handy. You make me want to get out my alcohol inks! :)


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