Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to Work :)

Awwww that's right, the big guy had to go back to work today.
He said it was time. He was on holidays for over 2 months. What a hard knock life, lol.
Just for you curious ones (Becky), wondering what I made for supper. Well I made breaded chicken breasts, stuffing and cauliflower and carrots.
See I KNOW how to cook, I just don't care to ;)
Just a little tease, teehee.
Is this mean?
This is a corner piece of Heather's B. Day cake. Now who doesn't love the corner piece?
Remember Hubby bought a new TV to play his video games on? Well now that he is back to work, it is off the table.
Here is where he put it.
On his dresser.
I hate a TV in the bedroom. We have never had one in there for our 23 years of marriage. Now it is not hooked up. It is there in storage until we bring it up to our camp/cottage.
He wants me to make a quilted cover for it. Ya right. Onto My Day:
I went out for lunch with my friend Debbie. Then we went to Michael's, I had to exchange the punch I bought 2 of. I bought the punch with a coupon, and to exchange it, they don't do exchanges, you have to return it then repurchase the new one. I was ticked because she wouldn't give me the 25% off I had originally bought it for.
Then I realized that I had a 40% off coupon in my purse. So I got it even take the Michael's with your unfair policies.
Then we went to Walmart. I never go there. Maybe 3 times a year, and usually only with Debbie.

Wayne's brother's and their wives are away in Florida for their holidays, so I get the pleasure of doing their book work. So I had to go to the bank and do a deposit.
Then my neighbour and I went to Pilate's tonight. It was a beginner class. I used to do Precession Toning on tape a few years ago. So this seemed kind of slow for me. But it is best to start slow, right.
Then I came home and had some Pop Corn Twists ;) Ya that defeated the purpose of going, teehee.
So for the rest of the week I have to work. I have to do billing and balance month end.
Hope you had a creative Monday


  1. crack me up! Hey - good for you, finding that 40% off coupon!

  2. Yeah, take that Michael's! You are so funny, you kill me. I don't think I would want Jeremy to have that much time off. We don't have the same interests most of the time so he would just drive me crazy :0)

  3. Yeh, 2 months off with Honey and I would need a vacation in a rubber room! LMAO
    I am on the fast track to the looney bin anyway, wanna join me?


  4. i love my pilates! i have a reformer in my house. before kids i did it everyday just to say focused and stretched out--i really need to get back to it--there just arent enough hours in the day!

  5. Quilted TV set cover... LOL!!
    The birthday cake looks wonderful!

  6. Seriously? Mike's wouldn't let you do an even exchange? That's crap! If you hadn't shown them the receipt they wouldn't have known you even USED a coupon! I'm glad you got the 40% off!

  7. Yeah you cooked! But did you use your Cricut? Lol Try to do both in the same day :) Dumb Michaels, we have a love hate relationship... What are ya gonna do though?

  8. LOL on Michaels! Glad that you got the better end of the deal! Also too funny about the TV! We have one in the bedroom, but the only time it gets turned on is if I am stuck on the upstairs computer uploading photos or something and need something to watch...and occasionally if DH is out of town for long periods of time and I don't feel like watching TV downstairs by myself after the kids are put to bed.

  9. I can't believe you couldn't get an even exchange for it. Makes me dislike M's more and more.

    And, what are Pop Corn twist, like I really need to know? lol...

  10. I love that you stuck it to Michael's! I agree their return policies are so stupid. I also agree with no TV in the bedroom. My husband and I have never watched TV in bed, except for sometimes we watch netflix on the Ipad, but that is totally different, don't you think?


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