Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Its a War Zone in here

We are the type of family that lives in our living room. It is not for show. We watch TV, play games and when company comes this is where we congregate.
We love our living room.
But this is ridiculous. Yop your not seeing double, that is 2 televisions.

Remember when I said Hubby bought a new TV to play video games on?
Well here it is, set up beside the everyday TV. The everyday TV is a 58" plasma. Apparently (according to Hubby) you are not to play games on this type of TV as an image may be burned into the screen.
So he had to go out and buy a 40" LCD, to play his games on.

And playing his games is what he has been doing.
If he isn't watching WW2 documentaries, then he is playing this game, "Call of Duty 2".
It sounds like a bloody war zone in this house, lol.
But it is his holidays, it is winter, and I really don't mind.
Mind you our downstairs bathroom could still use a ceiling ;)

Onto My Day:

I had to go and bring in that firearm of my dad's to get deactivated. The men at the gun smith were a little sad. They said it just wasn't right.
I guess that would be the same as taking the guts out of our Cricuts and using it just for show....oh wait a minute, that's what I do with mine, teehee.
I was also on the phone taking care of some other guns my dad had, and getting them registered to the ones who want them. What a pain.

I also had my teeth cleaned at the dentists today.
One of my teeth was a bit sensitive when she touched it with the metal tool. I told her that and asked why. She said something about the gum may have receded, or something like that.
I asked her if this was an age thing....so tired of this age thing I'll tell ya.
She laughed and said, you are so funny, every time you come in here you look younger and younger and YOU mention age.
Well she got extra points in my book, lol.
The receptionist at the dentist is also a scrapbooker. Mind you she says she never gets to do it. She loves to see what I am working on. She loved the mini's I brought for show and tell ;)

Nothing much else happened today. I got to catch up on some YouTube video's that I wanted to comment on. If someone (same as my blog) comments on one of my vid's/posts, I like to check out their channel and comment back. Sharing the love :)

Proud Tuesday:
1. Hopefully got my dads business dealt with.
2. I have all my own teeth
3. The hygienist said that my teeth and gums are very nice and healthy, see pop isn't that bad for me.
4. Didn't take a nap today

So what have you done today to make you feel proud?



  1. Having all your own teeth is a GOOD thing! Heehee!! Glad I still have all my own, too....and (I'd better knock on wood here)...have not needed a root canal YET!

  2. sounds like you had a busy day. I can see why she was impressed with your mini's for show and tell.

  3. It is all good and most of us olders don't look that good so stop complaining. I still have all my teeth including a few baby teeth. Yep, never fell out and none underneath. so here to stay. Wish I still had the belly I had when I was younger:(
    Glad you got stuff done. Me did some stuff but don't feel I got much done. Even though I know I did.
    When is the next video? LOL

  4. Seriously Tracy..I saw the post where you showed pics of yourself and you look as young as your daughters!!!! Must be that good Canadian Air!!!! (I miss home!)

  5. Thankfully, my hubby is wearing earphones when he's playing war games so I don't have to listen to all the gunfiring that would make my poor ears suffer. :)

  6. LOL! We have 2 tvs in 2 rooms with duplicate gaming systems! Talk about conspicuous consumption! (It prevents peeking at the other gamer) Men!!?! Sorry about your teeth being sensitive! Thankful that my middle child actually behaved giving the pledge of allegence to open our town's city council meeting!

  7. i am so thankful that our tv for the wii is downstairs--that way i don't have to see it. hubby and jack like to play star wars wii so thankfully no war zones here--just the force! hehehe

  8. Tracy,
    You sure did have a busy day. LOL at the 2 tv's. Thankfully we don't have any video systems in our house, but I do want to get the Wii for myself.

  9. I hate going to the dentist. I have very sensitive teeth, too, and bleed a lot when they are cleaning my teeth. They say I should come more often, but I can't bring myself to do that - what would I want to come and bleed more often?

  10. We have TVs in just about every room of the room of the house. I think Mike would put one in the bathroom if he could! So cool you got to share your minis at the dentist. I feel like no one around here is in to paper the way I am :) lol

  11. Sounds like another busy day for you, Tracy! We haven't had game systems in the house for a while, but we have become addicted to Cityville on FB recently!

  12. My husband has told me the same thing about the tvs. Maybe is's a conspiracy? LOL. Horrible image of my cricut parts being removed. Although, mine has been more of a piece of art than a tool lately too.

  13. LOL... maybe I should get your hubby to talk to mine! I want another TV to put in the downstairs family room (well a bigger one anyway!) and he doesn't want to! I hate that he played video games on the 'good' tv and I get stuck with the crappy one! :)

  14. I love your pop comment! The 2 TVs are hilarious...my dh isn't a gamer but my 13-year-old son would totally support him in this recent purchase. Too cute.

  15. when i come over we always hang out in the kitchen. lol

  16. Well talking of teeth... I had to get one out yesterday (typical british teeth eh?) well it broke on 30th Dec a little then the next bite more of it, The dentist said she couldn't save it. I wanted to know how come it got so bad when I visit every 6 months and it was fine last check up...... crappy british dentist and crappy british teeth, I'm sore today and not happy about it!!! must be my aga?

  17. age not aga my aga (oven) is fine.... see I'm really off sorts.....

  18. hehehe can understand the TV thing Tracy. We don't have kids but somehow we have 4 tvs and two computers that have tv thingies in them so we can watch tv on them as well. Both of our netbooks also has the tv thingy. We have a huge theatre room where hubbie does most of his tv watching and where we play the WII and playstation. I like the formal lounge room for my viewing pleasure hehhe as it has the TIVO device and also has the foxtel (pay TV) so soemtimes we wtahc things together but its good to have the choice. Also there is a tv in the kitchen, bedroom and also another in the family which I forgot to include in the tally. Can you tell I like my TV shows. Just as well there is none in my craft room (yet) or I would get nothing done. ALos I got my Zutter today YEAH finally came, cant wait to try it out on a mini, thanks for the enable. Have a great day

  19. I had to get my teeth cleaned yesterday :)

    Also I had to laugh cause as I was reading your blog last ngiht (this post) my fiancee was playing Call of Duty!! It is like a war zone, especially cause it has to be loud in order to play it LOL!


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