Sunday, February 13, 2011

I need my own room

Hey, I am doing a give away on my YouTube channel. I have been doing video's on there for a year now. Wow where does the time go?
Thanks Ashley for encouraging me to put myself out there on YouTube.
Here is a video for the give away. But if you want to have a chance to win you have to comment on my YouTube channel.

OK I am totally frustrated here. Whenever I post a video on here, it says Internet explorer has stopped working...blah, blah, blah. Well I figured a way to trick them by saving the post quickly. That seems to be working.
Well now I am trying to post some pictures of a card that I made and it is doing the same thing but for my pictures. It is sooooo frustrating. I'll try again tomorrow. If anyone has any suggestions for this computer challenged blogger I would love to hear it.
Do I need to upgrade something?

Onto my Day:
I had like the worst night ever.
Hubby snored. Not only did he snore LOUDLY, but he faced me and snored into my ear, and breathed on me. Don't you hate when someone breaths on you?
So I went on the couch.
Get a text from daughter #1, saying that she forgot her house keys (won't say what time it was, but she received a not so nice text back, as it was way past her curfew). My phone was recharging (as I never use it until it runs out of juice) so I had it plugged in, close by.
Fall back asleep, and I can still hear hubby snoring, through the wall.
Fine...I go downstairs on the couch. All is quiet and I fall into a nice sleep.
Only to hear the cat beside me meowing like it is possessed by the devil. She doesn't like when anyone is out of place at night.
Well one nice thing though, Daughter #1 and Daughter #3 went and picked the family up some breakfast from McD's. So I woke up to breakfast anyway.

I had to run to Michael's to pick up some card stock.
About an hour after I get home Ashley wants to go to the dollar store for a few things, which is right beside Michael's. The Dollar store is closing, so they won't let us in. So we end up going to Michael's again.
I didn't get anything the second time around though. ;)

Hope you had a creative Sunday.
I did, if you call putting this give away together creative ;)



  1. You poor thing, I SO feel your pain! It just isn't fair that your sleep always gets disrupted. I would be waking him up with every snort, but I'm mean like that. Has he been checked for sleep apnea?

    Poor kitty, she needs everything to be the same and for everyone to be in their place. Don't ya just hate it when everyone else in the house is sleeping peacefully, except you? I think it's a mother's lot, I really do. Hope tonight is better CC.

  2. Cats probably think that they're the keepers of some world order. LOL! They get really nervous when things or people are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hope you'll get some sleep soon!

  3. i have to agree with you --i can't stand it when hubby snores--I however send him into the gues bedroom and i get to stay in my bed all nice an comfy--i am mean like that! hehehhehe

    went to michael's yesterday too--great video!

  4. In our house, he who snores like a freight train and refuses to stop must remove himself to the couch. I think you should work on that. : )

  5. So sorry you had a miserable night. I feel your pain; I, too, have a husband that snores nightly. Every time he snores, I nudge him to wake him up!

  6. Tracy,
    My hubby snores horribly, so I come out on the couch and then the dog starts snoring. Ugh..

  7. mm sorry I don't have that problem lol I can't hear mine snoring--one good thing about being deaf. lol however, I'm a danger to him as I sign in my sleep. Yep I tend to hit him. lol

  8. It shouldn't be that hard to get a good night of sleep! Breakfast was a nice surprise though. :)

  9. Aw I can't stand it when Mike breathes on me! I feel your pain. Maybe you can take a nap today! :)

  10. I do the same thing with my cell phone, I forget to charge it all the time! Hope you have a great Valentine's Day and a better nights sleep.

  11. Sorry to hear you had such a bad night! I have a hubby that snores as well... so I know all about it! lol

  12. Tracy you poor thing but I do have an idea that may work for you; it sure helps me out at night. My hubby snores too, and it can wake me out of a dead sleep so we bought a small sound machine. You can listen to the ocean, or falling rain (my personal favorite!) This really helps me out because if I can hear him over the machine then he HAS to roll over or head to another room. Hope tonight is better for you! Happy Valentine's Day! Sybil

  13. I hope you are having and incredible Monday. My hubby says he doesn't snore...

  14. Sounds like a frightful night - and Yeah, I hear ya...I hate snoring and breathing in my face, too!!! Of course, I know I've woken myself up with my own I can't say a whole lot there.

  15. You are hilarious. Sounds like a very eventful night you had.I Hope you make up for the sleep tonight. lol

  16. Jeremy snores terribly sometimes and I end up on the couch occasionally also. I do not like IE. It crashes on me all the time. I have Firefox and it works so much better. I have windows 7 and it is great on my laptop. Just got to and download it for free. Once you install it you can set it as your default program to open instead of Internet Explorer. It's pretty easy but, you can always have your daughter give you a hand too :0)

  17. I am with Schell. get rid of Internet explorer. Get Firefox. so much better including security.
    You poor thing. I have a problem snoring and don't you dare breath on me. I snore just as bad as hubby. He will wake me up. I don't wake him too often unless him and both dogs are in a chorus together. Those are couch night.
    Great video and how very excited I am by this. I can't wait to see both projects. That is awesome and very exciting. Yipppeee!
    Thanks Tracy and you are a sweetie so deserve all the nice comments.

  18. ohhhh my I hear your pain with the snoring, have it here as well, hubby is meant to wear his sleep apnea mask but he refuses so I have to put up with it when he could so easily reduce the snoring. AHHHH. Hate it when I get up in the middle of the night and try to watch tv to help me fall asleep and have the ntelly very low and his snoring from another room is drowning out the tv. Good thing we love our husbands or there would be consequences hehehehe

  19. I feel your pain with the snoring. Hope you don't have many more nights like this. Thanks for the chance to win such a great giveaway. I hope whoever wins it will share their album so you can compare them. ( I would lol)
    Melissa D

  20. Just found your blog and became a follower.


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