Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy 20th Birthday Heather....that must be a mistake

What how could that be?!?
My middle daughter Heather is 20 years old today. What!!! Where did the time go?
When did this little bundle of joy grow up so fast.
And she was a joy as a baby.
I remember when we brought her home from the hospital, I had to keep checking on her, because she slept through the night. All night!
My mind liked it, but my boobs didn't, lol
Awww this doesn't seem so long ago. Heather and I enjoying the beautiful summer day.
She was so good. She never really did fuss, and if she did, then I knew something was wrong.
Even now as an adult...that's a hard one to say.....she still doesn't make a fuss.
Yup here is my baby all grown up. She is so Beautiful on the inside and out.
This is part of the gift her sister's bought her. She would love to go to England one day.
She loved the t-shirt I made her. Actually it wasn't until later when I told her I could make her another one in a different colour if she wanted. She was shocked. You made this?!?!
I did good :)
She even commented about the card. She said this is a cool card.
That means she really loved it. She isn't one to dish out compliments.
Here is the card I made her. I wanted to do a Manga type card, but I was fighting with some images (meaning I can't draw worth beans) so that didn't pan out.
Here is the inside.
On the opposite side I always write a little note about how much she means to us, and how lucky we are to have her in our lives. She just rolls her eyes and smirks.
Secretly I know they love these notes :) Or I know they will love them in the future. So for Heather's supper we went to her favourite restaurant "The Blue Parrot". I am so stuffed now. We are having family over for some DQ ice cream cake in a bit.
Hope your weekend was a creative one and you were able to enjoy it with your family.


  1. Happy 20th, Heather!!! *sigh* They grow up SO fast.

  2. Tracy,
    Your daughter was beautiful as a baby and just as beautiful as a young woman.
    Hope she had a great birthday

  3. Happy Birthday to your daughter Tracy. The card you made is great, I love the images. Have a great day

  4. me and heather have something in common when we were both babies... i actually scared my mom when i slept the whole night.. she thought i died lol...

    love the card!!!!!

  5. Wow, I can't picture my kids at 20 yet. Happy Birthday Heather!!!! My family and I, mostly Jeremy and I, redid my scraproom today. I like it this way, I think :0) Time to do an updated video on my room now. Seems like I have a few videos to get done :0) Glad you had a good weekend!

  6. Happy birthday Heather! She is so beautiful Tracy. I'm glad she liked her shirt and your card is awesome!!!!

  7. Tracy- happy birthing day! Today is my brother's b-day too! Love the card so much! the rosette rocks! Have a great day with your baby!

  8. Happy Birthday Heather. I know it is lame but you and your sisters really are your Mother's Joy! Treasure that. You are blessed. I hope all your wishes come true. England is beautiful but make sure you take a raincoat. LOL

  9. Tracy,
    stunning card by the way. I hope you peek at the mini I am working on. Have a great week.

  10. What a beautiful daughter and beautiful card!

  11. Beautiful daughter! Yes, time flies far too fast! That birthday card is simply stunning!

  12. Happy birthday to your daugther!!! love the card!!!

  13. Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! they grow up so fast! I am hoping to freeze mine right now--hehehehhe

    great job on her card! so pretty!

  14. Happy Birthday Heather! You are such a good Mom - awesome tshirt creation and fun card. Sounds like a fun celebration. Yum - ice cream cake is my kind of cake! :)

  15. Happy birthday to your daughter!

    Thank you for the sweet comment on my last blog post. It's not always as slow/boring as it is right now, so stick around!

  16. Happy Birthday Heather!!!!!!!!!!! It's so hard when they are growing up and we have to come to terms that they are no longer our little babies. But I do think Mothers always see them as still being babies.
    Hope it was a great birthday.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x
    p.s. sorry there is hardly any of those red phone boxes left in England, we don't really see them any more.

  17. Happy Birthday Heather! Beautiful project for a beautiful daughter!

  18. Happy birthday Heather - love the red phonebox (brings back memories of youth group challenges where we had to see how many people you could fit in one!! :)) The card is beautiful.



  19. How blessed you are!! Happy birthday to your DD!! And England/London is a magical place! Here's to her going there soon!

  20. Happy Birthday to Heather. She is a beautiful young lady and I hope she gets to travel to England some day.
    My Caitlin slept through the night at about a couple of weeks and I would always get up and check on her because I couldn't believe it would happen, after my first took months to do this.
    Happy Monday!

  21. Happy Birthday Heather! You were such a cute baby and have grown up into a beautiful young woman!

    P.S. Say "Hi" to your mom for me!;-)

  22. Happy Belated Birthday to Heather. I am sure she had the perfect day. Don't they grow so fast.

    And now your hubby is back to work. Sounds like you had both had a wonderful time while he was away from work...that is a long time to not work. Yes, rough life ;)



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