Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Impossible cravings

I was craving fried mushrooms this afternoon. Do you ever like, really crave something.
Last time I really, really craved something was when I was pregnant with daughter #3. I craved sand. Weird eh?
I would go to the pit (what we call Hubby's quarry) and imagine myself taking hand fulls of dirt/sand and chew it, I just wanted to feel it in between my teeth, lol. I didn't do it though.
I didn't tell anyone, because well...its just weird.
But later I find out when your pregnant and crave dirt, or ashes its a sign of low iron.

Well today, like I said, I wanted fried mushrooms.
Good thing too, these babies were on their last life. I shared them with Hubby :)
I picked Kristy, her boyfriend Blake and her friend Allison up from school. Drove Allison home, but when I went to back out of her driveway my brand new pretty red jeep wouldn't go in reverse. Now I didn't call it a pretty red jeep during this time, it was more like you stupid piece of sh1t. I think she understood, I was not happy.

So phoned CAA for a tow, then phoned Hubby to come and pick up the kids.
As I went to his truck to talk to him, I fell flat on my @ss, Yup. It was like something you would see in a comedy or a cartoon. I think my legs even flew up in the air....OK I won't feel bad if you laugh. It was funny....after the fact. Not sure about tomorrow though, when my butt is bruised.

So anyway Hubby comes back and tries the jeep. Oh ya he thinks he could do it eh? Big strong man. He has to come and help is little wife, because she is to weak to do it herself. Lets see who laughs now.
Well he did. He got it into reverse.

You see...he tells me... when you park on an incline sometimes its hard to get it back into gear. Ohhh my hero.... yes I am being sarcastic.
But I am happy that I didn't have to bring it in.

So for that I had to treat myself for my misfortunes.
So I made Impossible Pie.
Hard to believe that something soupy like this... Could bake into something like this......
I know you are going to ask me for the recipe, so here it is. This is so easy. you just mix everything in one big bowl and it separates as it cooks.
I don't soak the coconut. I did the first time and then I just forgot one time. I didn't find a difference in the pie. Oh ya on my recipes I put the name of the person who gave it to me and also the dish I use to cook it in.

That was my day in a nut shell. I should have been in a nut shell, then maybe that wouldn't have cracked my arse.

Oh ya and daughter #1 took the toothpaste to work as she had a dentist appointment. How nice of her eh?

Hope you had a creative day today :)



  1. Oh poor you. Ouch! Is that thing pretty piece of sh1t you said, a stick shift? well that would be the first problem. LOL I hate a stick and refuse to drive them. LOL
    I hope you aren't too bruised.
    I didn't create anything and now the washer and dryer won't be here until tuesday. dirty buggers. Stove and fridge will be here on friday though. Weather permitting and it doesn't look good at the moment. S*N*O*W*I*N*G now. Yick!
    Have a good one girl. Wish I could have your pie. Allergic to coconut.:(

  2. mmmmm looks so good!

    hope your bottom is feeling better from the fall--OUCH!

  3. this pie look delicious!!!
    hugs from Brazil

  4. Tracy,
    You are too funny. Thanks heavens I wasn't drinking otherwise it would of been all over my computer from laughing.
    First off, sand?? really. (to funny)
    I also am a big mushroom fan.
    Sorry to hear about your butt, I hope it isn't to soar tomorrow
    ((many hugs))

  5. Oh, I love fried mushrooms and fried onions together...

    When I was pregnant was the only time I'd ever eaten a sardine. Head and all. Oh, how I craved oil and salt!


  6. You seriously crack me up - thank you for my daily smile (even if it was at your misfortune - hope you aren't too bruised today)

  7. That sounds like something Mike would do. Like when my car wouldn't start and he had to come "save" me the looked at me like I was a big dumb ass because it was the battery. How was I supposed to know? I just want to turn the key and have it start. I thought your pie looked delicious until I saw it had coconut in it, lol :) Hope it made your arse feel better!

  8. Sounds like an adventure. I love fried mushrooms. Yum!

  9. You are so funny! I get cravings all the time. Last week, I wanted something ketchup-y.

    The pie looks yummy!! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I hope you didn't bruise your butt too badly :(

  10. Hey Tracy,
    So glad you didn't hurt yourself more seriously when you fell-be careful out there. The snow hides all that ice under it. Hope you aren't too sore this morning.
    I am so done with snow too--but it keeps falling and we are so in the deep freeze too. The cold air is pushing down from the homeland.
    I love mushrooms too and your impossible pie looks pretty yummy too.
    Daughter #1 escaped from her family last evening and we cut out vinyl letters on my cricut for her roller derby helmet.
    Got to see our family photos yesterday we had taken before Cait left for Austria.

  11. I've heard of people craving chalk when they are pregnant but I never heard of sand!! Too funny!!

    I love when I'm craving something specific, it just means you know exactly what you want :)

    Hope your pretty jeep doesn't cause you anymore problems :)

  12. Oh, don't bruise your pretty little butt! (Hey peeps, I haven't seen her butt...for all I know, it's wrinkly, hairy and dimpled....I'm being nice here.)

    Those fried mushrooms look yummalicious. ME WANT!!! Why the hell don't you live closer to me, woman?!! I'm imagining one of Wayne's big burgers with a side of those fried mushies right now...and my mouth is watering. I'll pass on the pie....not because I'm sure it doesn't taste good or anything - but I'm not a big fan of pie. Sick, I know! Give me the fatty greasy stuff any day over the sweet stuff. (Unless of course, it's chocolate!)

  13. That pie looks delish! Sorry about your fall. Hope you are not to sore.

  14. Hi Tracy,
    Mmmmmm I could just eat fried mushrooms now, and maybe some bacon to go with them.
    Hope your bum is OK in the morning and isn't bruised.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  15. Sorry about the fall - ouch! That pie looks yummy. I love coconut. I need to try it! :)

  16. Your post "cracked" me up. (So sorry!) Mushrooms are high in vitamin D. When my vitamin D was tested as being low, I craved eggs and mushrooms all the time. Hope that is not the case for you and it was just a simple craving that we all get from time to time. Hey, I'm going to try that onion trick. I'm willing to try anything at this point to stave off this cold/flu. Hope you and your family stays well and hope your fall has not hurt no more than your pride. Take care!

  17. I love mushrooms!! Had them in my pot roast tonight. I seen on our local news tonight that Portabella mushrooms are supposed to be good for boosting your metabolism, too bad they cost so much!

    The pie looks yummy, but not all that fond of coconut. I could make it for my dad though, he loves the stuff!

    Sounds like you had a "trying" kind of day. Hope you didn't end up too sore for the fall.

  18. I've never had fried mushrooms before, but those look kinda good there, lol...My mom went through a stretch of time where she was consuming bottles of bacon bits and eating LOTS of ice...we found out later she was craving soy(who knew bacon bits had soy?)and having iron issues too. As for your fall, hope you are doing better...if not, try epson salts! Take care!

  19. Sorry you took a tumble - but surely that yummy pie has healing properties.

  20. Lol, I'm glad you didn't really crack your arse! That dish looks yummy!


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