Sunday, April 11, 2010

Coke Is It.

Today was a somewhat stay at home day. I did go to McDonald's to pick up some supper (Ya I know but we needed to throw something down our throats). Then I brought and then picked up Kristy from her friends house. As I was bringing Kristy back home, my jeep's gas tank beeped, for the third time. I have anxiety sometimes and this one of the things that sets it off. I think that we would run out of gas before we get to our destination, then we will be stranded, my stomach gets upset and I start to panic a bit. I don't know why I let it go so low, I know I get freaky about it. But my procrastination wins over every time.

I am trying to kick my Coke addiction (Coca Cola just for the record). I have quit it before a few years ago. When I mean quit I mean we didn't have it in the house. I would only drink it every once in awhile, like maybe once a month. Yummmmm doesn't that look good.

You might think "Whats the big deal its just pop". But let me ask you, Could you stop drinking your coffee. I didn't think so. I hate coffee, I don't even like the smell of it.
Some have advised me to drink diet pop. I would rather starve then eat or drink anything with artificial sweetener. It leaves an awful after taste in my mouth. I am picky on what I put in my mouth ;) I never drank alcohol because I didn't like the taste. I figure if you have to acquire a taste for something, its not for me. So Yesterday I didn't have any pop until noon. Today I didn't have a glass until about 3:30. I have to wean myself off of it or else I get wicked headaches and get really tired.

Now today was spent checking out every one's blogs and commenting on them. I love reading blogs but oh my they sure take up the day. I think that I am only on for a bit and next thing I know the day is almost done.

Things I should have done instead of the Internet.
1. Laundry... I think I have about 5 loads.
2. Tidy up the house.....I would be embarrassed if someone came to visit right now.
3. Finished my mini album...I did work on one page, but I should be finished.
4. Put my scrap supplies away....because of #3 this didn't happen.
5. Paint the wall of the basement....I think I know what to do there now.
This little screen just sucks me in. But I do love it teehee.

Hope your Sunday was more productive then mine was.



  1. Oh man, I can so relate to your Coke problem! ;) Except my drug of choice is diet coke, and I've tried to quit so many times it's not funny. Part of the problem is, I really don't want to give it up. I know it's not good for me, but I'm truely addicted! Here's to us both kickin the habit...good luck!!

  2. Good for you for working on giving up Coke. I love Coke, but gave it up many years ago for health reasons.

    I understand the blog addiction. I have one too. They suck me in.

  3. Oh, I love Coke too!! And I need to quit too. :(

  4. First - AMEN on the COFFEE STINKS!!!

    Second - PEPSI!!!!!! (Ick on coke...but I'll drink it as a substitute if that's all there is).

    Third - I drink DIET. Artificial sweeteners are horrible for you, though. Really horrible. Bad. Bad. Still, funny thing is, I was like you a long time ago. Hated the taste of anything "diet" because of the stinkin' aftertaste. Now I can't stand regular soda. ICK. GROSS. TOO SWEET.

    So instead, I poison myself with artificial sweeteners. DUMB. Yeah.

    I don't care for water, either. I'm doomed.

    Last - my screen is a time SUCKER too! Sheesh....I don't even wanna go there. I think I comment on about 200 blogs a day. NASTY!!!

  5. I love coke. Love it. The last real coke I had was 12/31/09. I miss it. I switched to coke zero....ew. I still need a bit of a caffine burst so I get by with cherry coke zero. But it gives me dry mouth. So I'm slowly giving those up too. Ya know what's really good and not coke related (in TX, btw, every soda is called coke)? Almond silk milk. I was skeptical because how do you milk an almond. But I love it.

  6. After going 100 days without Soda..I took a drink of Coke and made a funny face :P It wasn't as good as I was hoping it to be! I think I am going to be able to limit the amount of Soda that I drink now and I think the key thing for me is to NEVER have it in the house again!! I use to HATE drinking water but when you go 100 days without soda you have to find something to drink. I keep 2 pitchers one with water & Lemon and one with water & lime. My 3 year old will even ask me for "water & Lemon" now :)
    It's not ANY fun to feel like you can't ever have any soda, but if you want to try to get over the feeling of having an " addiction " to it I think going 100 days worked for me. I really don't feel the pull for Coke like I once did! Some people are telling me that once I have it again I'll start drinking it the same like I use to do...but I don't believe that!

  7. I must be the odd ball - my poison of choice is Dr Pepper. yumm. And really that's my only vice. I don't drink, smoke, stay out late, eat junk food (we're mostly organic here. I think I deserve ONE vice and (I know I need to quit) but as any good addict would say, I can quit any time. really

  8. hi there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I totally get you on the soda addiction. I am addicted to Diet Coke and even did a layout about it!

  9. I gave up all coke for one semester in college. It sucked. I am a Diet Coke addict and proud of it! LOL!

  10. UGH coke... bleeech

    but I love my coffee - so I totally get the addiction thing!

  11. I can't drink diet soda at all. It's so icky and I can't get the taste out of my mouth FOREVER! I love Coke, but I only drink it maybe three or four times a year, because otherwise I wouldn't fit in my clothes. It's amazing - I never think having a little every now and then would hurt anything, but it's always an extra few pounds every time.

    The gas - I can't even tell you how many miles I've driven on a "below empty" tank. You can go a good long way.


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