Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Doctor say I have a Heart

Well today was my yearly visit to my cardiologist.
First I had to get a ECG. The girl that did it was about 25. I complimented her on her hair and asked her how she did it as I like to do my girls hair. She asked me how old my children were. When I told her (20, 19 and 15) she just stopped. I was like What am I having a heart attack or something. She just looked at me and asked my age. I told her that I am 42. She was shocked she thought I was in my 20's. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. Now its one thing to have older people think that I am younger than I am, but this girl thought I was close to her age. WOW, and thank you very much.

Ok now to the appointment. I am doing fine,with the exception that my iron levels are non-existent. LOL. They are not even on the chart, he actually showed my the chart, My line was under the lowest. So of course he wants me to take iron 3x a day. I also have LBBB, and it was acting up during my ECG so I have to go for an utra sound. One other thing, and you can give me your opinions on this. He would like me to take a cholesterol pill (Lipitor). Now get this my cholesterol is fine, no worries. But with my family history of heart attacks (grandfather died at 32 of a heart attack.grandma had a triple bi-pass, mom and dad both had one at 50, brother had one at 42.) Lucky me eh. But the doctor wants me to take it for a prevention. I hate to take medication, vitamins are even a task. He even told me that because it is only for preventative measures I could take it 3x a week instead of everyday. So I am not really liking this. He told me to put the prescription in my back pocket and think about it.

Ok now onto the fun stuff. I know I said that I would post that mini album that I am working on, well things have changed LOL. Its not totally finished yet and I am not staying up late tonight to work on it. Actually I would like to scrap (as in chuck) the whole thing and start new.
So because I can't share with you the mini I will show you a layout I did last year about Spring.
See I do scrapbook LOL.

This is a cute bunny that wandered into our camp yard. It would come by the campfire every night.

Here are some baby robins. The mama bird made her nest under the underside of the boat. I wouldn't let hubby use the boat until they flew away LOL. Luckily he had a different one to use to go fishing with.Here is to another over the hump Wednesday.



  1. Awww....adorable bunny!!! Birdies are ok. Meh.

    Not surprised she thought you were that young - you look REALLY young. :) Am I your new best friend yet?

    Watch that iron'll get constipated. Make sure you keep stool softeners on hand. Such a shitty topic, I know.

    As for the cholesterol meds - can't really give you any advice there. I'm not a medical professional.....but, I so hear you on hating to take any drugs. I'm the same way. (I won't even take a Tylenol unless my headache is excruciating.) Unfortunately, I'm stuck on cholesterol & BP meds cuz my numbers suck!

  2. Such a nice compliment! You do look very young, I am sure you hear it all the time.

    Your LO is so very pretty and love the baby birdies and bunny.

    Scrap the whole mini? Why? Just add to it and make it for something else and start a new one for that gals birthday.

    As for the Lipitor, that is your call. My hubby is on that and BP medicine. I hate to take medicine too, but do every day. I take vitamins too. Without, I would be sick all the time and would feel like I was crippled.

    It sounds to me like the Doc is just looking out for your best interest, since your family history is not so good. You should think about it, like the Doc said.

    Have a good evening, Tracy.

  3. Love your layouts the rabbit and birds are so cute and the pages look fab. As for the medication, my Dad has had a quadruple heart bypass at the age of 54, but I wouldn't take meds to prevent it happening to me, but I do think you should get a second opinion from somebody in the proffession, as you seem to have a lot of history in the heart disease.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. That is a gorgeous layout! Wow!!!

  5. Love your layout! What is that you used for the border?
    I hate taking medicine as well, but sometimes it is necessary. I am down to three daily, but for other reasons. I'd think about it. Sounds like you are taking care of yourself and checking in with him regularly, but maybe he knows best. Good luck!

  6. What a cute the Lo, hate taking meds and I have a heart issue too!

    I have a pacemaker, sometimes high BP and my cholesterol numbers tend to be on the higher side. I have noticed that when I am really careful with my diet and I exercise regularly then my numbers come down. I guess that's what I have to do to stay off the meds.....I hate meds.....I mean really hate them, unless they help me sleep, then they are my best friend! :D

  7. Wow that is an amazing photo of the birds. You must have some camera to take such clean and close up ohtos!

  8. I'm glad your appointment went well. What a nice compliment you got today. You do look young though.


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