Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another mini album?!?!

I finished my work today Yahoo. Well I am just finished billing, I do work every day for a bit. The only down part of finishing my work so fast is that it means that not to many customers bought material. Which means slow times for us and for the other company's that deal with us. So really its not a good thing.

Hubby and I went to Home Depot to get some paint to finish up the stair wall. I worked he painted. It is almost done. Which is good, because it is like a death trap down there. I wouldn't walk around in the dark, dangerous. Can't wait to clean that up.

Kristy and I went out and had to buy an new hair blower. It died this morning. Kristy had to run to the neighbours to borrow theirs. While we were at Zellers I noticed that the Easter treats were on sale. Ok I will admit "I knew they would be on sale and purposely went down that aisle." I want some so badly right now, but I have to get my blood work done tomorrow and I have to fast. Grrr. Why is it that when you can't eat is when you want to so badly.

Ashley is not feeling well tonight. She get vertigo really bad. So bad I have to help her walk. We have taken her to the doctor. They figure that it is stress related. That girl stress' over everything. She doesn't know what she wants to do for a career. She loves photography, but knows she won't be able to make a living off of it. She is a worrier, she got that from me.

Its Ashley's friend Lisa's BDay today. They were suppose to do a photo shoot tomorrow and she wanted me to make her a mini. Ya thanks for the short notice LOL. She tried to help me. but then her vertigo started.
She isn't going to do the photo shoot as she isn't feeling up to it. So I don't have to stay up all night to do it LOL

Here is a sneak peek. Ashley wanted it to be in blacks, vintage and lots of room for photos. Since her friend loves photography as well. But I just had to do some journaling. This page has clear glimmer mist on it. You can't tell though. I don't know if I use this product correctly as I think I put it on too thick. As the stuff sometimes runs for me. I just figure it should have more shimmer to it.

Well that is it for tonight. I will work a bit more on the mini. I will post pics or a video on it tomorrow. After I eat a humongous meal LOL.

Hope your Tuesday was a creative one.



  1. Your mini album looks beautiful (again).

    Hope Ashley gets over the dizzies. They're no fun unless you're drunk...and even then, not so much fun.

    Good luck with the blood work tomorrow. Yeah, I hear ya - I always wanna pig out on crap right before I go, too!

  2. Ashley could totally make a living with photography. A meager one. I paid for part of school by phtographing the sporting events at my university. At first they were skeptical cuz I was female. But then I bribed them with suckers and worked for them for years :)

  3. That album is looking really nice!

  4. The album is looking beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished product :)

  5. I really like the album...wanta see more too :)

  6. What a cool mini!! Good luck with the blood work.

  7. I love that pattern paper you are using! I have to start a mini for my sister for her graduation gift, and I am having a horrible time committing to a paper. I like the look of this!! :)

  8. She could be a photographer! There aren't a lot of millionares, but she could pay her bills!

    Thank you for the follow btw, Your blog is so cute!!

  9. i really love the journal blocks and my fav color is black thanks


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