Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I woke up with a bit of a migraine. So I didn't go for my blood work first thing. I went back to bed after getting Kristy off to school. When I get a migraine besides a headache (sometimes I don't even get a headache), I loose part of my vision, I get blank places. I sometimes loose my peripheral vision and feel off, if that makes sense. Actually the first time I had one I argued with the doctor because I didn't believe that it was a migraine as I didn't have a headache.
I obviously don't drive when I feel like this, so hubby dropped me off to go and get my blood work done. I was in there for about 45 mins. By the time I was done it was after lunch and I was starving. So hubby and I went to the Greeks for some Conney burgers.

Look at my Heather. Doesn't she look happy. She (with hubby's help) order this computer. She saved her money and bought this. Well she has been patiently waiting for Purolator to come. And today was the day.
This is how naive I am. I was like there is no monitor. When I think of a computer I think it should come with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. Especially at this price. Well she did get this cool mouse pad LOL, what a deal.
I felt better as the day went on. Hubby and I finished the wall under the stairs. I don't' like the finished result. SHHHH, oh that's right hubby doesn't read this anyway. LOL. I think it looks to choppy. We have the dark brown along the side of the steps, then the beige paint on the full wall and shorter walls under the stairs, then we have the unfinished wood door and panel. So I would like your opinion on this. Should we leave it as is, should the wood be painted beige as well, Or should the whole under stairs wall be dark brown. Oh the baseboards are going to be white. Tell me what you think. Hubby is going back to work tomorrow, so I can do it one day while he is at work. He probably wouldn't even notice the difference LOL.
I didn't get to work on my mini today. But I did get to go out with my GF Debbie. We used to go out once a week. But she is a busy lady with her job and taking care of her parents (I know how that is). So we haven't got to hang out as much. I had a good time tonight. I found some cute charms at Michaels, and some more Easter Treats on sale. Ok that is all I won't get any more.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy, early day. Poor Ashley has to get her wisdom teeth removed. She was suppose to get them done a few years ago, but she kept making excuses, "I have school, I can't take time off of work". Well now they are bugging her, her jaw is sore a lot and it pops when she eats.
She has to get all 4 of them removed and they are all still under the gum line and they are growing sideways. Guess I will be making Jello and Pudding for her tomorrow.

Well here is to another over the hump Wednesday.



  1. Stairs look great! Personally, I think if it were me, I'd probably paint that unfinished wood on the wall the same color as the wall - but hey - that's just me.

    Hope your migraine is GONE for good now. Ick.

    My youngest just had her wisdom teeth removed two months ago. All four of 'em. Two were impacted. One gave her the most trouble - but it was dealt with. She recovered nicely. No dry socket issues, or anything. Just follow all the instructions, and she should do well.

  2. Stairs look good. Well wishes to Ashley. Sorry you had a migraine. I suffer from regular migraines. At times I'll even lose memory if it gets bad enough. Hope everyone feels well.

  3. I would probably paint the whole wall the same brown color as the stairs for consistency and flow, then paint the trim on that post to the right with the same accent color as the stairs. I love that two town effect BTW. Just my two cents ! Don't ya love doing projects when the hub is away !


  4. Hey Tracy! Paint the wall brown. I think it's unanimous!

  5. Is anything else in the room painted brown? Or would it just be the wall under the stairs? My first thought is that the wall under the stairs needs to be the same color as the rest of the room. But then again, I'm still working on my first cup of coffee so my comprehension is a little fuzzy right now. :D

  6. Poor kid! DH wanted yogurt when he had his out.

  7. I agree with brick cottage I would consider the wall color in the rest of the room. Hope the migrane is better. I have them, too and it's the worst!!

  8. I love the trim on the stairs...its lovely! I would paint the whole underside of the stairs the same dark brown...I think it would make that area pop! Hope your feeling better today!

  9. I'd go with the wall on the stairway the dark brown - and the pillar beige like the wall. Just my humble opinion.

    Great place for storage!

  10. Hi Tracy,
    So sorry to hear about your migrane. I get them too, I get the visual imparement with flashing lights and my arm goes numb. They suck, and the worst part is people who dont get my migranes not understanding just how bad it really is.
    The little cubby under the stairs cracks me up, my husband put one in our old house and is dying to do it again in our current house. It's such a waste of space not to use that area. I love how the wall turned out but I would paint the unfinished wood too, it kind of clashes with everything else. Have a great day!

  11. Oh no, I remember getting my wisdom teeth taken fun at all!! :(

    I think dark brown too

  12. My vote is to paint out the wood to match the wall as well as the side of the stairs.
    I also used to get very bad migraines! So I know how you feel and I hope that you can figure out why you get them. Its like a weight off my shoulders now that I have figured it out!

  13. I vote for painting the door beige. If you paint it all brown, the steps won't pop as much as theyd o now.

  14. Sorry that you had a migraine. I get them frequently and I loose most of my sight and I get vertigo. It is awful. I hope you are feeling much better.

    I think painting that portion on the stairs that is dark the same color as the wall below would be the best. The darkest paint lighter. I think it would all flow better but that is just me. I doubt if this helps.:(
    Hope you have a great weekend.


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