Thursday, April 29, 2010

Blog candy, just what the doctor ordered.

I had to go to my Gastrologist today. I have Ulcerative Colitis. I have had it since the age of about 18. This was a scary time for me as I didn't know what was the matter with me. I lived on my own, didn't have a relationship with any of my parents. So I had to go and get all the tests by myself (well that isn't totally true, my boyfriend, now hubby was with me). And because I probably looked about 14yrs old, none of the doctors or nurses told me anything, guess they thought my parents were with me.
During one test I got so mad I refused to cooperate until I talked to the doctor. I'll tell you the nurses weren't to happy. But the doctor explained what was going on and why I needed these tests.
One time when I had to go to the hospital as I was so sick. A stupid doctor said there was nothing wrong with me, I had hemorrhoids. Seriously!?!? I would love to see that old fart and tell him a thing or two.
Well anyway, my doctor told me today that I should be taking my medication all the time. I only take it when it is active, or I have a flare up. I soooo hate taking medication.
Because of my moms addiction to prescription pills, I think it is a weakness to take medication. I know this is silly, and I get mad at others if they don't take their perscribed medication. But to me I feel it is a weakness for me to take meds. Well I will start because he said it could spread and get really bad if I don't'. Urrggg guess I have to bite the bullet.
See I told you I was the runt of the litter. LOL

Onto some fun things. I got my blog candy from Twyla.

It is the end of the month tomorrow and I have some goals I wanted completed.
One was to finish a book a month. Well I am not quite finished my book. Guess I will be reading tomorrow. I planned on reading it while waiting for the doctor. But I ran into my Friend/Sister Shirley. I have known Shirley since I was about 5 or 6. Actually she lived with us, some of her brothers did too. Her dad was a single dad, him and my dad worked together. They had a lot of shutdown jobs out of town. So when they went out of town to work Shirley stayed with us. I loved it she was like an older sister I didn't have. Imagine your best friend living with you, how much fun is that.

Ashley had an interview today for a year internship. She was so nervous. She said as they asked her the questions she didn't know what her mouth was doing. She said the answers were in her head but her mouth didn't agree LOL. She probably did fine. Hopefully she gets it, if not oh well there will be better and bigger things out there for her.

I worked a bit on my nephew's mini. I will start to tape a tutorial on it tomorrow. Lets see if it will be published though, because if it doesn't turn out, no one will ever see it LOL.

Tomorrow is a day off school for Kristy. So I am hopefully going to sleep in, Catch up on my work, work on the mini, and get ready to scrapbook with my SIL. Oh ya and finish reading my book. Maybe I should scrap the sleeping in part....nah.

Hope your Thursday was a creative one.



  1. Take your medicine. I understand about not wanting to take medicine. I have the same issues in my family.

  2. Hemorrhoids?! That old goat needs a hemorrhoid himself.

  3. Hope you are feeling good soon and taking your medicine like the doctor said. Are you having any success in your book reading project.

  4. I think you need more hours in the day Tracy Lol!, take your medication like the doctor ordered and be a good girl. Have a great weekend love, and finish your book and can't wait to see the mini.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  5. I totally get it. Even when I have a headache, I don't like to take aspirin because for some reason I just think it's better to fight through something than take medicine. One of my childhood friends has turned out to be just like her mom and is, in my opinion, a hypochondriac who walks around with a purse filled with pills. She's on all sorts of prescriptions because she claims to have allergies or migraines or whatever. I never want to be that way!

    Anyway, I'm rambling, but you have a very legitimate and real reason to take the medicine. And maybe after you take it for a while, you'll get in the routine and get so used to it that you don't think about it.

    Love the blog candy!And I'm sending positive vibes Ashley's way. I'm sure she was great!

  6. I linked the recipe in my post. It is really good!

    BTW, my dad is Everything-Aholic, work, drugs, alcohol so I totally get where you're coming from. I hate meds too! For the first time in my life I went on BC because I was suffering so bad at that "time of the month". They said I was having symptoms a woman in her late 40's would go through, and I suffered for 7 years because I loathed the idea of medication. We have to be careful, it's in our genes to become addicted.

  7. Ok I totally get the not taking pills bit.. and the reason... I sometimes want to clock a certain someone in my family upside the head for the self medicating AARRGGHH.. but enough of that...

    take your meds Missy!! :-)

    and what is with you and Miss Win Win Win *lol*.. you are lucky! So get over to my blog cos I am running 5 days of giveaways in honour of Nat Scrap Day!

    Now if I could just get some damn time to scrap myself!!

  8. Oooh, fun blog candy, Tracy! I'm sorry to hear about your health--medications are not a weakness! I also think that way sometime, but definitely not true!


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