Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Start on a mini and a dead squirrel

I started my mini album for my nephew. He is my brother's new baby. They don't live near me so I am not sure if I should mail it when I am done or just wait as I will see them in July or Aug. when they come to our cottage.
Well I have never made a name or word album so this is new to me. So I am not sure if I am doing this right, but I guess it doesn't matter as long as it turns out in the end.
What I did was cut out the letters on my Cricut (had to dust that baby off first). Then I glued them on old file folders. This is just a template and I didn't want to waste my card stock so I used these. That is why it looks like crap...i mean not very nice.
The letters are cut at 5" and each letter is on a new page. I am sure most of you know what these books look like. His last name is vertical and then I have a plain last page. There will be 5 chip/book board pages in all. I am not sure if I will add other pages in between, or an envelope. I will decide as I go, as I always do.

I figured if I posted it then it would give me the push to actually finish it before July LOL. I was thinking of making a video to show the steps, but if it looks like crap or doesn't turn out......hey then I just wouldn't post the video DUH.

Ok so what was my day like today, because I am sure you are all just dying to find out (insert sarcasm here).
I found a dead squirrel on my roof.
When I went out this morning I noticed something on the roof. At first I just thought it was those huge fluff balls that come from the poplar trees out back.
Then I went out with the girls and it was still there, but was flipped over, and I noticed something that looked like a tiny leg bone.
When Jacob came over I asked him. He is over 6' tall and I am under 5' so I figured her could check it out better than me. At first he thought it was a rat. WTH, we have killer rats here. ( I thought of the book Domain) I have never seen a rat here. As it turned out it was a very dried up, decomposed squirrel. The tail didn't have any fur left on it.
So Jacob went behind the fence and gave it a proper burial. I asked him why he didn't just chuck it over the fence (that is where the crow got it from). Well the girls go back there to take pics and they didn't want to run into it.
Wow that was a long paragraph about a dead squirrel. LOL

I took Ashley driving again. She drove Heather and I around so Heather could drop off some resume's and fill out job applications. She did 5 today.
I brought my dad groceries.
Kristy and her friend Allison missed the bus coming home from school. I picked them up and then got them to carry my dad's groceries up to him. Payment girls, welcome to the real world. Hahaha.

Thats all for today. So what have you done today to make you feel proud.



  1. I love those mini albums but I have not tried one yet.

    Geez, dead animal stories eh! (I say "EH" because it makes us Canadian's and I know Marlene will pop over and I know this will make her feel at home) Which reminds me of her decapitated mouse head story. Then I felt complelled to share by dead bunny story and now upside down itty bitty squirrel leg bone story no doubt baking on the roof! I'm going to go hug my cat and dog now!

  2. If you mail the album that means they get happy mail and happy mail is always good.

  3. I would wait to give them the album until you see them. It just so much more satisfying to see the reaction on peoples faces when you share a gift album.
    Hope you dad is doing well.

  4. Humm you both have very good point on how to give them the album.
    Nicole I say "eh" all the time. I did't realize it until I was talking about how we are portrayed. Then my daughters pointed out how much I say it. So now I am aware of how much I do say it LOL.

  5. I am really looking forward to seeing this album when you are done! Hey...did you see the post on two peas looking for you? You're famous! LOL!

  6. Dead animals, EH?!!!! :)

    Nicole knows me too well.

    Funny thing, though. I've really been into watching Holmes on Homes (HGTV). I have noticed how strong his "Canadian" accent is, now that I've lived in PA for five years...LOL. YEAH, I see it now....there really IS a difference between the way Canadians and Americans say "ABOUT"! LOL!!!

    Your mini album is going to be adorable! Knowing the Canadian postal system all too well, I'd say give it them in person! HA HA!

    (Ok - and the word verification thingy? I got "SCROO" here today. WTF is that?)

  7. Dead squirrels...good times. We have been having a little squirrel issue at our house and my husband might delight at having to crawl to the roof to retrieve a dead "varmit". Looking forward to seeing the finished mini album.

  8. Dead squirrels.

    I'll pass. It does remind me tho, of the time that *something* was living in my attic right over my bed at the ex's house. I'm sure it was a squirrel but it was very unsettling when he would scratch and try to get through!

  9. LOL I had to laugh at the dead squirrel...I'm with the girls on not wanting to have to run in to it if they are taking pictures one day! YUCK!!

    Can't wait to see the Album!!

  10. Your not supposed to notice! I am so FREAKIN tired of talking about myself...I have nothing new to add!

  11. dead squirrels...ick... glad he had a proper burial...heehee
    i can't wait to see what you do with the album~ i am sure it will turn out beautifully!!

  12. Ooo dead squirls what a pleasant surprise LOL. Your mini looks like its off to a great start. I look at word books and shudder at all the cutting that would need to be done.

  13. The Mini books template looks great. I am sure it will be wonderful. Video away. It will help all the folks like me who don't have a clue.

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWW Yuck, that would be horrible. My cat used to bring them to me and leave them on the porch. She thought she was gifting me. Straight to the return dept for that. LOL


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