Monday, April 26, 2010

A layout

Happy Monday everyone.
I finally finished this layout. I was working on it last fall and it just didn't work for me. The paper wasn't the right shade. I couldn't get the layout together.
Then last Friday my SIL was teasing me because I don't scrapbook as much, I am making more mini albums and such. So I pulled out my "pages in progress" container and took out this layout.
I found the perfect paper. I think those are suppose to be snow flakes, but then I remembered Stamp'n Up has a Medallion stamp that looks similar. Think outside the box right?
I stamped the background on the purple paper and then cut it out in that funky shape, then inked the edges.
Oh my baby. Isn't she beautiful? You don't need to answer that LOL.
Well what did I do today. I went and picked up a few groceries. I caught up on some of my work.
Watched House oh ya.
I also made a template for my nephew's baby album.
I will try to cut out the chipboard for it tomorrow. I have never made a letter or word book before so I hope this works.
Ashley and her friend Tim drove over the border to the States today. Tim ordered something and they went to pick it up. Ashley bought one of her favorite chocolate bars "Nutroll". We don't have them up here. She also picked up some Tyraki Beef Jerky for Heather.
How was your Monday. Hope you had a good one.


  1. Great layout - and yes, she is beautiful. :)

    My Monday was just blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Need chocolate.

  2. Yes,you have very pretty girls. Love the lay out. I like the snowflake.
    My day was spent at the doctors office for 4 hours waiting. They were as they said- running a wee bit behind. 4 hours really? Just a wee bit behind? LOL
    Then home.
    Off to create for a change.
    have a great tuesday

  3. Fabulous layout, pretty colour too.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  4. She's gorgeous! I love when something I had put away fits together like that. Of course it doesn't happen often, since I haven't scrapbooked in forever...

  5. gorgeous work, adore the purple you have used, you captured such a special memory so beautifully!

    hugs mandyxx

  6. I love the layout! It looks fabulous and your note was so sweet. Your husband must be proud to have a house full of beautiful women!

  7. So neat that you cut the photos to mimic the shape, great job!

  8. I love the purple. I'm impressed with your pages in progress file. I misplace just about everything. I am so forgetful it is not even funny.

  9. Love the purple! Beautiful layout!!

  10. Oh, the purple is so pretty, Tracy! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  11. Me again! Thanks for letting me know about the journaling--I know what it says, so its hard to tell if other people can read it! I can add i what it says.

  12. Hey, you need to check out the color room ;) our current challenge contains purple/lavendar and you will fit right in ;)

  13. Hi Tracy! Thanks for all the kind and positive comments you leave on my blog - I really appreciate it!! :) Isn't it so satisfying to finish off a layout that's either been around for a long time half-done, or one that's been 'not quite right'? LOVE it!! It looks beautiful, and I am with you as far as 'thinking outside the box' - that's creativity for ya! :)

  14. Great layout. I really need to do some scrapbook pages.


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