Friday, August 13, 2010

Need to Breathe

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Today was crazy. I not only was on the phone most of the day. I was running around as well.
Being the executor of his will, there is a lot to do.
As I was running around today, I was at a set of lights and thought how peaceful our camp is.
The lake
The fresh air
Not having to drive anywhere
I am going up there tonight.

Hubby came home from work and I told him we need to go to camp. He was surprised as he didn't think I would want to go this weekend. But I need to escape from the phone. But there is no escape as everyone has our camp number.
My younger brother phoned out there and we talked for about an hour. He had just got into town.
My older brother was away on a holiday. He was scheduled to come home some time tonight.


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