Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Bye Dad

Post Dated:

Today is the day that I had to make the arrangements for my dad. My sister wanted to come as well.
After I made the arrangements I asked to see him. I "needed" to see him. As I was looking at him I thought to myself, good thing you coloured your mustache and shaved your head dad. He liked to be put together.

Here is his obituary

Later that night Wayne and I went to his apartment and cleaned the rug again and aired the place out.
I took every piece of paper I could find out of there to look at, at home. He never threw any papers away, not even the envelopes. Because I am taking care of everything I wanted to to through the papers at home.

I made lists of things that needed to be taken care of and places that I needed to call.

I don't know what I was thinking today. As I was running around I thought "Oh dad would have laughed at what the girls did on our trip". He loved to hear of all the silly things we do or say.
When I got home I had to make a phone call...can you believe I dialed my dad's number.



  1. One of my friends was murdered back in 1999 and there are still days where I wake up and reach for the phone to call him.

  2. So sorry for your loss...and I see you lost your mom at an all to young age. I will hold my family closer today because of reading this. That is such a great picture of your dad!!! Following you from Two peas hope you follow back :)


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