Monday, August 22, 2011

What day is it again? Monday part 2 Day 3 of our trip

I am so confused on the days, lol. Plus with having no internet, I am out of sorts.

We headed to Missoula, MT this morning from Havre.
When we got there we went straight to the hotel. Sadly they didn't have the suite that we booked, as something was wrong with it :(
We then had to move to another suite.
When ever we travel now we get 2 rooms. With 5 in our family and 4 of us being females having the 2 bathrooms really helps get going in the mornng. Plus we all need a break from each other.

Now onto the fun stuff. When we got there I was excited to check out this scrapbooking store I found in the phone book. We got there just as she was closing :(
BUT when I told her how disappointed I was as I was from Canada, she kept the store open just for me. I felt like a star who gets the store to myself.
Here are the goodies I bought. Get a tissue as you are going to drool.
 Here is the scrapbooking store that stayed open for me. I didn't get the lady's name that did this for me, but Thank You Sooooo much, you so made my day :)
She was such a sweetie to do this for me. Talk about taking care of your customers. LOVE that store.
I was looking at some cards that were on display, OMG they were gorgeous. So much detail. Would love to take a class there I'll tell you.
 Onto my Smash Journal.
Do you remember when I said that Kristy and Heather wanted nothing to do with this, but Ashley was excited about it.
Well they are all doing them now. Good thing I brought all their books on this trip. I had a feeling once they saw what we were doing they would want to start one for themselves :)  Why am I so happy that my girls are all doing this along with me?
 Here is my second page for Day 2 - Sunday.
I haven't quite finished it, as my trip tik didn't show the whole way as Hubby changed our route :)
So I have to cover the map. I left a bit of room for some tiny photos.
 We went to Glacier National Park today. Can you say GORGEOUS.
The views were breathtaking.
This is Wayne's photo.
 I think we are pretty chipper looking for being in the jeep driving for many hours.
 Even though Wayne and I love looking at the mountains, We both love to be near the water. I think this is my favourite place in the park (I took this picture ;)
This water is so blue and clear it is stunning.
 After we had supper I noticed some smoke on the mountain.
Pretty scary isn't it.
 Then later on we went out again and here you can see the actual flames.
I am not sure what caused this fire. I had asked at the front desk, but they hadn't heard either.

Today I also spread some more of my dad's ashes. The spots we chose were beautiful, he would have approved. I can't tell you where we spread them, as I'm not sure it was legal. Dad would have got a kick out of that ;)   I was better today, I wasn't as emotional.

Hope you all had a wonderful, creative day today.



  1. Hey Tracy, all those yummy goodies. especially that butterfly stamp! DUDE, no fair. LOL

    Oh YAY, I am so happy you made it to glacier. My back yard. I clapped my hands and smiled with joy knowing you get to see what has been in my heart all my life. My favorite place on earth. Take lots of pictures as I miss it so. Have fun too. Nicest people on earth there. big hugs,Pea

  2. Oh yay on more goodies! Don't you LOVE the water colour? I grew up in Calgary, so miss the gorgeous glacial rivers and water. Here our rivers are mud colored.. :0(

  3. looks like you all are having a wondeful vacation! wonderful pictures

  4. What a beautiful trip you are having. Your father really picked a wonderful area.

  5. Wow, those are great photos! I like the water one best too! Hope you trip has more spectacular sights in store!

  6. How cool she kept the store open for you! That butterfly stamp looks AWESOME! You know your girls well, don't you ;) The pictures are just beautiful and I bet it's even more beautiful in person.

  7. That lady was awesome for doing that for you! Love the pics, scary fire though. Stay strong :0) Hugs!

  8. The ladies at the scrapbook store are Staci & Debbie and they are amazing! I teach at this store and I'm really happy you enjoyed it! These ladies are very special. I travel 8 hours round trip to teach at Memory Lane Scrapbooking and it's worth every mile (I live an hour east of Glacier Park and the water fall pic you posted I believe is Silver Stairs Falls and is one of my fav spots in the park!) It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation and I'm glad that you were able to do this one last thing for your father.

  9. Beautiful pics. My blog have change the name to Hope to see you soon.


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