Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 8- Minneapolis MN Mall of America

Today was a full day of shopping.
It was so nice to sleep in and not have to pack all our stuff up to move to another hotel :)
I guess there is a big foot ball game and the Minnesota State Fair is going on here this weekend. We didn't know this when we booked our rooms. Luckily we found adjoining rooms in the hotel we always stay at when we come here.
Unfortunately it was a smoking room :(   So we picked up a bottle of Febreze and sprayed it all over. Funny thing is the smell isn't to bad. Reminded me of my younger years, lol.
 Years ago I had a non-smoking room that not only smelled like smoke, but had ashes and butts hidden behind the night stand, gross. It wasn't this hotel.
I think the smoking rooms get the short end of the stick though. The bedding is butt ugly, the furniture is worn and the shower has little pressure. We kept joking about this most of the weekend.

Now what you all are waiting to shopping purchases.
I was so excited to go to Archiver's. Sadly this is all I found, 4 sheets of paper, some smash book jounaling tags. I used my coupon and think I spent about $15.00 .
Wayne just shook his head. I think I disappointed him, lol.
 The girls were still shopping, so Wayne told me go back in and see if there is something else you may want.
I picked up some chipboard shapes, mini bags and some pretty flowers.
 Then we went for supper at Red Lobster.
Wayne found me a Blicks store (some one in Archivers told me there was one in town).
I had never been in one before. So we dropped the girls off at Burnsville mall and went to Blicks.
OMG this store is a must for all Copic lovers. Wow.

I went through my book and started pulling out markers. Wayne asked me if I was close to filling my collection.
All but the florescent colours, I don't think I would ever use them.
He told me well the price is real good here you might as well get all the ones you are missing then.
Do you even have to ask me why I love this guy so much :)
So I bought 34 of them today.
Picked up the girls from the mall. Then they all went into Best Buy, I stayed in the jeep to colour in my copic chart.
Sad thing is I missed getting 8 colours. How The Hell did that happen. I think I must have forget them in the basket :(
Plus the store was closed.
 Well the girls wanted to go back to Mall of America.
So I figured, what the heck, I will do one more walk around Archivers.
I guess I was a little sad about the marker episode, so I picked up these goodies.
Love those wooden shapes, especially the wings.
I also bought sticky back canvas, I have never played with this before.
I am looking forward to be heading home tomorrow. I get my own bed, my own shower and I am so excited to play with all my new goodies.
I brought some of my markers with me and some images that I had stamped. I have not coloured once. I thought I would have a lot of down time in the hotels....wrong. I so want to colour.
Sadly we are leaving real early in the morning, so I won't be able to check out that gem of a store on the way to Duluth, The Pine City Scrapbooking Co. I am trying to get Wayne to take Monday off of work to relax (then maybe we wouldn't have to leave so early). Yes I have an atrial motive ;)

I have to get the receipts ready for when we cross the border, I dread this part. I think Wayne will be putting some of my purchases on his list :)
Plus I have to put away all my goodies. Yes I take everything out and look at it, lol. I feel like that Gollum from Lord of the Rings..My Precious', lol.

Hope you all enjoyed your Saturday, and was able to be creative today.



  1. Can't wait to see what amazing things you create with your new goodies :)

  2. Holy buckets girlfriend. You almost have all the copics? OMG!!! Okay way worse then me. I haven't bought any in 2 months. LOL
    Love the wood items you got. love the markers too but hey don't we all. LOL really cute stamp too.
    Well I need to go to bed. I hope wayne will stop to one more store for ya;) hugs,pea

  3. oh my--you are such an amazing shoppter! you are going to have to expand your craftin room in order to put away all your goodies! I love it! so happy for you!

  4. Holy Cow! I can not believe you have all but 8 copics, yay!!!! Your room is definitely going to need some organizing when you get back with all of your goodies :0) Hope you are all having a good time! Hugs!

  5. You have one great husband, my dear! Looks like you got some good stuff!

  6. Wow what a great day of shopping! I can't believe that is all you found in Archivers. I know going to Michael's is like pulling blood from a stone but I thought Archiver's would have quite a bit. Well this weekend turned out to be a big bust. We lost power around the wee hours of the morning (we are on generator now and my hubby got my laptop working :D) I also am in the process of uploading my first video complete with edits and captions and all! Get home safely.

  7. I love how you posted the pics in order of the different trips to Archiver's. Wayne is truly the best, that's the way Mike is too :) How can you not love a guy like that? Have a safe trip home and I bet you'll be ordering those other 8 Copics this week, right? LOL

  8. Love those wood pieces! I almost purchased those cute little hangers too when I was at the Archiver's in Indy, but I refrained. And I would have to say that you surely do have a special husband! Mine can be generous at times, but I don't think he would EVER tell me to get all I wanted of anything - unless it was free! LOL!


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