Monday, August 29, 2011

Princess Dreamer

I thought I would share with you I card I had made on my girls getaway earlier this month.
I had coloured the princess girl awhile ago.
Remember I thought the bottom of her dress looked like teats on an udder, teehee.
I think I will colour the skirt a different colour next time ;)
The pretty background paper has sparkles on the butterflies and flowers.
I really like how this card turned out.
 The black paper that I mounted the image on is all sparkly. So are the black swirls I used on the corner.
It wasn't until I posted this picture that I noticed that the sparkle gem is between her legs, its suppose to be on her crown.
I checked the card and it is on her crown. So in between me making the card, photographing it, and putting it away, the gem has moved around, its a magic gem ;)
Onto my Day:
I had planned to sleep in this morning. Well it is kind of hard to do that when your next door neighbour is getting new shingles put on their roof.
I had a long list of things to do today, but I was just drained. Even my eyes were tired, lol.
I did get my scrapbooking treasures put away.....well.... lets just say they are in my scrap/craft room ;)
Then we Needed some groceries. Being away for a week, we had nothing. So I took Kristy and her boyfriend Blake with me to the grocery store.
They really didn't want to come, so I bribed them with some subs. That worked, they even brought all the groceries in by themselves.

When we were eating our subs, we noticed that there was a car with writing on it (in marker) with 4 young people around it, with their dog. They had a sign that asked for money for gas as they were traveling and ran out of money. They were either heading to BC or coming from BC. I thought to myself, wow they sure didn't prepare for this trip if they are out of money already.
Then I noticed they were parked in a handicap zone.
Then I noticed that the one girl had plugged her cell phone in the outlet from the Mikes Mart store, as the other 2 were making out in the car.
They did receive quite a bit money from a few people walking by. Then the owner from the store told them to move along.
Well I guess they weren't totally out of gas as they drove right by the pumps. LOL
That was my entertainment through the huge glass window as I ate my sub.

I still have to unpack my suitcase. Yes I know I am lazy.
Tomorrow is another day, and I plan on getting a lot more done.
And sleeping in.

Hope your Monday was a creative one.



  1. Teats! Oh, girl, you crack me up! I have missed visiting here.

    I'm back now!

    LOVE the card, regardless of whether you think that dress looks like teats or (And wow, you get all the excitement in a sub shop, huh?)

  2. I hate unpacking too. Unpacking and folding laundry. Like the card though!

  3. Love her! The sparkly paper and the gorgeous frame on your sentiment! Lol on the traveling sparkle now located between here knees!

  4. Darling card Tracy. Love your lunch tale, don't ya just wonder about people?

  5. oh my this little girl is just way too cute! love it

  6. Hi Tracy, what a super cute and fun card. ~Shen

  7. Oh this card is so cute! I love that image and sentiment. Do you know who makes it?

  8. Love the card. The background paper is perfect!

    I love people watching, you learn so much ;)

  9. Very cute card; love the pink and black theme! Funny story!

  10. Adorable card, beautifully colored. Love reading your fun observations!

  11. Oh my gosh Tracy what an adorable card! I love it!! I know I haven't been commenting lately (shame on me) but I have still been reading and just love your blog :)

  12. Super cute card! I just love you coloring, it always turns out so pretty :0) Hugs!

  13. Cute card! Unpacking is the pits - it can wait :).

  14. Unpacking is the worst! I put it off for as long as possible. Cute card. I agree about the pleats on the skirt. hehehe.

    Looks like you had quite an interesting experience while at the sub place. Wow.

  15. I'm the opposite I hate packing and love unpacking.

    I love that card. What stamp is that? This is my daughter to a T. My daughter thinks she's a 13 year old ballerina princess rock star.

  16. OOoo, such a cute card! Didn't even noticed the gem bewteen her legs until you wrote it! LOL!! Thanks for the chuckle :)

  17. Cute card, love it!
    What an episode to watch while having your sub.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  18. Very Cute card, Tracy. I like the princess.
    Interesting lunch time entertainment you had.
    I always procrastinate about unpacking too-do it in bits and pieces. Throw the dirty laundry downstairs and slowly go from there.
    I survived my ordeal yesterday-just very sore.
    Glad it is over and I can move on now.

  19. Good thing you were observant and didn't get suckered by the kids!

    Your card is great - the sentiment is perfectly matched and well framed!

    By the way, Harmonie is a Canadian scrapbook supply company - with papers and wood embellishments and mosaic tiles, etc (not just the stamps I mentioned on my blog. Grin!).

  20. You know, that gem could have landed several other places that were a bit more compromising, maybe even X-rated! LOL! I love the piece you stamped your sentiment on, that is beautiful and the black sparkly paper. How rude of your neighbors to get new shingles the day after you get back from your trip. Poor scheduling on their part. LOL! Once I saw a guy with a sign that said STRANDED! Later I drove by and saw him getting into his car parked around the corner. I just had to laugh.

  21. Isn't it funny what we notice AFTER we take the picture of our works of art and then post them online? The teet thing still cracks me up though! It's kind of weird how that gem seemed to be traveling around the card too.

    I imagine that people will try anything deceiving if they can make a buck and get away with it by playing on others sympathy. Kind of like having dinner and movie from where you were sitting though! ;^)


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