Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 6 Sioux Falls, SD. Zoo, shopping and My HeArt Journal challenge

I was worried about this challenge. As I wasn't home, so I don't have all my supplies with me.
So I used what I had.
I used the backs of recipe cards (I brought them for daily journaling for my smash book). Inked everything up as I bought one colour of distress ink with me.
I showed you paper packs I had bought earlier in the week, so I used the letters from them.
Here was our challenge.

WEEK 5 - Pieces of Me (layers & paper piecing)

Assignment: Create a spread or a page using layering and paper piecing techniques. Use any stamps you want, colors, etc. Not necessary to use any TGF stamps, this is YOUR journal, do what you want cuz you rule that journal!

 I think I did pretty good with the supplies I had on hand. I really believe the less you have the more creative you I believe that, but I don't live that. LOL
 I put the letters on the backs of the recipe cards after I inked the cards. Then I tore around the words and put more layers of ink around edges.
 This is layered in different ways.
1. the papers are layered on top of each other.
2. the stickers and punch out letters are layered on top of the paper.
3. These are the different layer of what makes me who I am.
 We went to the Great Plains zoo in Sioux Falls, SD.
I was pretty upset during our visit. I am not an expert on animals, but I do know that a large bear should have some water to cool down in when it is hot outside, and no shade. There was a little area around him that looked like water was suppose to be in , but not today. Today it was bone dry.
The other bear was laying flat, down on its side panting like crazy, and this one was sitting on this rock roaring. It was almost as if he was trying to get someone to pay attention to him to help the other one.
 I know that when the monkeys land on the concrete floor it isn't the same as when they land on the earth in their own environment.
I have been to a few zoos and the monkey swing and seem to tease each other. These ones just stayed put not moving to much.
A jail for animals came to mind when seeing this.
I did put my opinions down on paper and sent them in.
I am sorry if I have offended anyone who loves this zoo. But this was my impressions from my one and only visit.
 On a happier note, I got to shop today.
I looked up this scrap booking store before we got here.
It is a beautiful place inside. Lots of room to move around in. Many areas to scrap in.
Lots and lots of product. Plus the layouts they have on display are awesome.
 Unfortunately this is all I found for myself.
I either had what they had to offer, or they didn't carry the brand or style that I like.
I was surprised that I wasn't greeted when I entered or asked if I needed any help.
 Next hubby found me a Tuesday Morning as I have never been to one before.
Here are the goodies I got from there.
I was happily surprised on the price of the xyron package. You know I love my xyrons :)
 Then to make me really happy we found a Hobby Lobby. Again I have never been to one. It kind of reminded me of JoAnns.
I loved this store.
Wayne came in with me. I had my arms full of goodies. Then he tells "Its time to go".
Why I ask. He tells me "When your arms are to full to carry anything else, its time to go. That's the rules".
"Get me a Cart". I tell him. lol.
I can't find that red tape at home. And it is 3 times the price at home if I can find it.
 This is one of my happiest treasures. Look at these stamps.
I got some House Mouse stamps. They are so cute.
I also love the Christmas stamp.
Who am I kidding I love them all.
 The girls wanted to run into Target.
I found a JoAnns beside it :)
Picked up a few Christmas goodies :)
 Then I went into Target to see what the girls found.
I spotted this purse. I had my eye on it the last time we were at a Target. So I thought I would carry it around for awhile and see if I still wanted it.......well, I carried it right out the door, teehee.
 See the size difference between the one I bought yesterday to this one.
Then Ashley reminded me I had bought a purse at the beginning of our trip.
I usually make my purses. I like to tailor my inside pockets to fit certain things. So I hope I like these ones.
Well that is all (enough) for now.
We are heading to Burnsville in the morning. The girls want to go to Burnsville Mall and Mall of America.
That is like our home away from home, lol.
Sad thing is our hotel we always stay at is booked up :(

Hope you all had a creative day, and I will visit your blogs soon, if I haven't already.



  1. Can I just say...WOW! Did you ever find some awesome stuff!! I would love to see where you keep all these treasures you bring home because I don't have room for all my crap! Oh wait, maybe it's because you use up more of your stuff than I do. LOL!!

  2. Your goodies are KILLING ME! LOL! As for your page for today...Awesome! I really like this one a lot. Great photos, too!

  3. oh my -- i am loving all your shopping! take me on one of your vacations!! way too awesome

  4. I love your page. You are so good at Art Journaling. Great goodies!

  5. Love the journal pages, very cool! I also love purse shopping :0) Hugs!

  6. Your journal pages look great and looks like you had a fun day of shopping!

  7. You have been a very busy shopper.
    Nice work with your jounal art page, considering you didn't have too much product-way to go.
    You will be glad to be heading home you have covered a lot of miles.
    Safe travels, Tracy.

  8. If you read my last post on my scrap blog you'll know that we both need a 12 step program for all the shopping we've done lately! I have so many boxes coming in the mail it's crazy. But it's so much fun. I'm still making more orders because all of the stuff I want isn't in yet. I do all of my shopping on line because I have nothing except Michaels and AC moore and they are useless to me at this point.

  9. Hi Tracy, Wow!! I've been reading up on your fabulous holiday, you must be having the time of your life!! And that Scrapbook store is heaven sent:) I'm off to a craft show in Melbourne tomorrow and can't wait, I have emptied my hubs pockets for all his cash 'cause I plan to spend up big!
    Anyway enjoy yourself
    Lynn xx

  10. Even on the road you're able to create an awesome journal page! Love the layers :) I don't like zoos in general, I always feel bad for the animals. Looks like you got some awesome stuff. I'm so glad you got to go to a Hobby Lobby. The whole time I was thinking, why didn't she have a cart? :) Thanks for visiting me last night, I was wondering who anonymous was so I'm glad you identified yourself. LOL!

  11. How does it work when you cross the border to go home, do you have to pay duty on the stuff you bought? Great purchases you found! And what a great hubby you have, he finds stores for you to add to your addiction, my kind of man!


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