Monday, August 8, 2011

He-Art Journal week #3

Right now I am hopefully sitting back with an ice cold pop in my hand either relaxing in the hot tub or playing with paper and colouring some images.
Its good to be me, teehee.

And on that note, I am sharing with you my challenge page for the He-art Journal challenge on Greeting Farms. The challenge was to do a 2 page spread on Gratitude.
I wanted these pages to have a heritage look to them.
I am not sure if I succeeded. Its either Heritage or Western, lol.
Either way I do really like how they turned out.
 1st page:
Now of course I had to document how grateful I am for my family.
I would be an empty shell without them.
They make me laugh everyday. And they are there for me no matter what.
Whenever I get a problem with my health they are there to take care of me..with an iron fist, teehee.
 I heat embossed Grateful. the photo is blurry. But like I stated many times I am far from a photographer, I get what I get. I will leave the photography to the pros in my family.
 My second page I documented my gratefulness to our Home, Cottage and my Health. Mind you my health isn't the best at times, but it could be worse, and for that I am so grateful.
 I embossed this stamped sentiment as well.
Most of the journal blocks are raised up with dimensional tape. Boy I love that stuff :)
 I had so much fun stamping around everything with all the swirls :)
Well I am off to soak in the hot tub, gaze at the stars and listen to the waves hit the rocks of Lake Superior.

Hope your week is a creative one and you enjoy it to the fullest.



  1. I am thrilled one of us is getting to relax and enjoy!!! Good for you.
    Like your gratitude pages-good job.

  2. Tracy, awesome page...loving your journal idea. ~Shen

  3. I am not great at photographing either; I am hit and miss with trying to show projects! You have some really great jornalling stamps!

  4. this is so awesome! what a fun idea

  5. Love your spread! Great stamping and I love the asst journaling cards. Great ideas. Now I'm really jealous that there's no lake nearby for me to sit and gaze at..... I would say to enjoy, but clearly, you already are! :)

  6. Fantastic page! Hope you are having a fantastic vacation.

  7. Love your gratitude pages - great embossing!

  8. You did a beautiful job on your gratitude pages! I love the look and the stamps you used!!

    I bet it's just beautiful where you are and I'm pretty envious that you get to get away (again). I sure could use a retreat myself, but too many things on my plate & not enough funds either.

  9. I love your layouts Tracy, the colour is fab, and the design looks great too.
    Happy crafting
    Tracy x

  10. Tracy you did an awesome job this week! I like the embossing that you did. What brand of powder, watermark pad and heat gun do you use? (I know you won't be answering for awhile as you're enjoying yourself at your girls getaway right now.)

    Have fun this week!

  11. How can you go wrong with a journaling page. Looks great!

    Boo that it's not me relaxing in a hot tub. I didn't sleep last night. Too nervous about my first real real estate contract. I'll be out like a light tonight.

    Hmm, maybe a little too much rhyming on this comment LOL.

  12. Looks nice and heritagey to me! :)

    I love the heat embossing you did. I don't even remember when I last heat embossed. It's been AGES.


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